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E-bikes make riding for transport accessible, convenient and fun (Credit: Lug + Carrie)

Tasmania Takes the Lead on E-Bike Subsidies

The hope is that other states will follow E-bikes make riding for transport accessible, convenient and fun (Credit: Lug + Carrie) Over the next two years Tasmanians will be offered $1.2 million dollars in incentives to buy e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-vehicles. This is part of the Tasmanian Government’s Climate Change Action Plan. Options for delivering

Peter McLean looks forward to a dedicated cycleway along Oxford St East

NSW Budget 22-23 Rundown

Peter McLean CEO Bicycle NSW The NSW Government was under significant pressure to deliver a thrifty budget. On that measure it’s a relief to see a continuation of ongoing major active travel infrastructure projects. Government also honoured their modest election commitment of a second $60 million tranche for active travel. This corresponds with previous governments’

Bike North: making cycling better

Bike North: Making Cycling Better

Bike North is one of the largest Bicycle User Groups in NSW with over 500 members. And it is very active! The Bike North patch covers a huge area north of the Parramatta River across nine local government areas (LGAs), stretching from Willoughby west to The Hills and north to Hornsby. The founding members met

Dear truck and van driver

Dear Truck and Van Driver,

Thank you for working hard to drive safely We get that this is a stressful job, particularly in heavily populated areas with pedestrians, bike riders and motorists. Not everyone looks out for you or understands how tough it is to see and stop in time. But you’re looking out for everyone and everything all the

The problem with Local Traffic Committees

The Problem with Local Traffic Committees

And the fix Active transport advocates have long been frustrated by the slow machinations of traffic where even small changes to streets to improve conditions for walking and cycling face inexplicable red tape. Projects are delayed and cancelled while seeking compliance with documents drafted decades ago. Indeed, many street design standards are no longer appropriate

Greenways for a healthy city

Greenways for a Healthy City

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike.” These are the wise words of environmentalist and philosopher John Muir who campaigned to establish Yosemite National Park in the 1890s. More than a century later, over

The weight we share

The Weight We Share

The massive cost of autobesity Lack of emissions standards and generous tax perks make Australia the dumping ground for bloated, inefficient vehicles Last year 76% of car sales comprised SUVs, utilities and light commercial vehicles – up 45% from the previous decade. According to Peter Mclean, Bicycle NSW CEO,  domestic car-bloat presents massive safety and

The CAMWEST blend of community and advocacy

The CAMWEST Blend of Community and Advocacy

Bicycle NSW supports a state-wide network of affiliated local Bicycle User Groups (BUGs).  BUGs organise enjoyable and inclusive recreational rides and promote bicycle riding for fitness, recreation, transport, and social engagement. All BUGs encourage community and fun. But some do much, much more. Alongside their jobs and family commitments, many BUG members can be found

What is Parcelrun?

What is Parcelrun?

And why we are so excited by this startup! Online home deliveries surged during the pandemic – as did the number of vans and trucks on our streets.   Around the world, e-cargo bikes and other forms of micromobility were embraced by delivery companies, demonstrating a much more efficient way of moving goods in congested cities.

Fund active transport for our children's sake

Fund Active Transport For Our Children’s Sake

Bicycle NSW and Better Streets have collaborated to push the NSW Labor Government to fund transformational change to our transport system. Our letter to the Premier is here Please amplify our call to action by writing to your elected politicians. Let them know that it will take 320 years to achieve healthy, equitable streets at