Membership of Bicycle NSW

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Membership of Bicycle NSW opens up a world of benefits and experiences for bicycle users all over NSW.  The member discounts alone are worth the cost of membership, but this is only the beginning of what membership offers.

Bicycle NSW members gain access to information, events and programs that are delivered by Bicycle NSW and our partners.  This includes bicycle tours of country regions, massive rides across the Sydney Harbour Bridge main deck and the camaraderie of sharing a new riding experience with a group of like-minded people.  But even this is not the total value of membership.

The value of Bicycle NSW membership is in the contribution members make to the work we do to create a better environment for cycling.  This contribution helps us to deliver a range of initiatives including events, courses, and a range of advocacy work.

Members who have purchased a “Standard Membership” receive all the following benefits while members who purchase a “Supporter Membership” receive all the following benefits except the Member Insurance.