Ride NSW!

With thousands of places to ride across NSW how do you find the right route for you? As the peak body for bike riders in NSW, we wanted to make the discovery of new rides easier.  We have collated ride routes into a statewide map, that we hope will inspire more riding for all ages and

Transport From The Future

Jessica Barker presented a future perspective of transport and bike riding to the City of Sydney as part of a Citizens’ Jury on December 5th, 2019. Jessica is a 23 year old commuter and a road cyclist, who rides to UNSW every weekday along busy Sydney roads. Her childhood memories include travelling to school with

Where to Ride In NSW After The Bushfires

Summer is perfect for exploring trails, national parks and taking long rides however the devastating bushfire season has changed this. Below we have some tips for where to ride safely. Roads In bushfire impacted areas, roads can be slippery for bike riding because of fire retardant and ash.   Without underbrush or ground-cover, ash can wash

The Commuter’s Challenge

We’re going to help you persuade your friends who don’t ride bikes to support the development of more bike infrastructure by taking the Commuter’s Challenge. Holiday Traffic vs School Traffic In January travelling to work can be faster and less stressful without the pressure of school traffic.  Why not get your friends and family who

Driver Education Not Teaching Safety Behaviours

Novice driver education in Australia doesn’t teach essential safety behaviour around bike riders well. Cycle Aware can address this. At the recent International Cycling Safety Conference, Dr Jennifer Bonham explained about the  Cycle Aware driver education program.  Cycle Aware is based on Australia-wide research and is designed to foster safer interactions bike riders. Unfortunately, a

Helping Rebuild Communities

Team Bicycle NSW was, and is still, shocked by communities impacted by the bushfire emergency gripping Australia.  Above all, we’re saddened by the tragic loss of life, scale of destruction, impact on communities, heartbreaking stories of homes and businesses destroyed, and all the perished animals. Yet, we are also proud the Australian Spirit is strong

Celebrating Christmas With Bike Leichhardt

As the year came to a close, many of us were busy trying to get everything wrapped up to start the new year fresh. Yet, Bike Leichhardt made sure to also enjoy a festive bike ride to celebrate a fantastic 2019.  Christmas with Bike Leichhardt involved an slow-paced 27km ride, starting at Epping Station and

A Christmas present from Rob Stokes

Returning to the office we were delighted to find good news for people who ride through or around the Bayside Council area in Sydney. Just before Christmas, Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, The Hon. Robert Stokes MP signed off approval for the F6 Extension Road Link that includes an off-road, active transport corridor between

NSW Needs Help as None Like It Hot

NSW needs your help as it endures unprecedented fires and temperatures. For the two months before Christmas fires burnt across NSW.  Subsequently, blanketing many communities in choking smoke.  NSW also experienced ‘unfavourable weather’ in autumn. Thereby, reducing the ability of land managers to plan and conduct the usual back-burning efforts to create fire-breaks. Following the

Door Zone Bike Lanes

The Door Zone People who ride bikes often raise safety concerns about ‘bike lanes’ marked on the road with a painted line beside parked cars. These lanes leave no room for error as when the driver opens their car door, the unsuspecting rider can be pushed into traffic. At the 2019 International Cycling Safety Conference,

Kurrajong Road crash second fatality

Bicycle NSW wishes to convey its condolences to the family and friends of the family of a second rider who has died following a collision on Kurrajong Road in Sydney yesterday morning. Around 4:55am on Thursday the 19th of December two men were hit by a vehicle whilst riding their bikes travelling west along Kurrajong