Safer Light Rail Crossings

Bicycle NSW has been working to try and make light rail crossings safer since March 2019, and now we need your help.  This work has included researching and writing about the issue, working with the government advising and providing feedback on signage and infrastructure development.   We understood that crossing light rail tracks could present a

Ride NSW!

With thousands of places to ride across NSW how do you find the right route for you? As the peak body for bike riders in NSW, we wanted to make the discovery of new rides easier.  We have collated ride routes into a statewide map, that we hope will inspire more riding for all ages and

Man dies in bicycle accident at Woonona

Bicycle NSW wishes to convey its condolences to the family and friends of a man who died riding his bike at Woonoona.   The 76 year old man was riding on an off-road path beside Nicholson Park around 8:15am on Sunday the 15th of September when witnesses say he rode off the path to avoid

Trusting the Driver Next to You

Bicycle NSW knows you want to ride more often but sometimes you don’t feel safe.  We have been working with police on a road safety campaign to improve trust on the roads.  Unfortunately this year’s road safety figures are headed in the wrong direction, and current road safety campaigns have not had a significant impact

Politically engaging bike riding

Bicycle NSW members can be proud that last Friday in Budget Estimates Labor, Green and Liberal politicians all discussed safety issues for bike riders in the NSW Parliament. The Hon. Cate Faehrmann MLC (p. 21-23) began asking the Minister for Transport the Hon. Andrew Constance about the 38% increase in rider fatalities and 31% increase

Help Us Pedal Harder For better Bike Riding

To change the riding environment for bike riders we need wider community support.   For Bike Week 2019 we need your help to make NSW better for bike riding. Bike riding doesn’t often get a fair go in the mainstream press, can you help us reach a wider audience to build support for your ride? Would

Reporting to Police

Recently Bicycle NSW has received reports of deliberate obstructions being placed on cycleways, and we’ve come up with some pointers from our communication with police. Some of the incidents bike riders experience are easier for police to deal with than others. Difficulties can arise when there is no street address available for the location, for

Calling all City of Sydney Road Users

The University of Sydney and City of Sydney Council are looking for participants for their Everyday Road User- Dialogue Panels. This is part of a three year project is called ‘City Cycling: policy cultures, traffic congestion and community solutions’. It will explore the barriers and potential solutions facing the greater use of cycling as a

Ahead or Behind?

The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute found that more children sustain head injuries from recreational sport than team sport, with bike riding out in front- but this is far from the whole story.  Bike riding was the sport most likely to lead to a presentation at an emergency department – 16% of the 8,857 presentations.  It

Mudgee Fatality

Bicycle NSW wishes to convey its condolences to the family and friends of a 52 year old woman who died riding her bike along Spring Creek Road in Yarrawong near Mudgee on Saturday morning. The woman was riding westward with another rider when a 39 year old man driving a utility collided with her, knocking

Marta’s Love for Her Tricycle

After suffering a stroke 10 years ago, Marta and her husband, Paul, made it their mission  to find a solution that would ensure she could keep active, get outside and enjoy the things that she loved to do. Marta’s major stroke resulted in expressive dysphasia, right side deficits and poor balance and concentration, making it