Ride NSW!

With thousands of places to ride across NSW how do you find the right route for you? As the peak body for bike riders in NSW, we wanted to make the discovery of new rides easier.  We have collated ride routes into a statewide map, that we hope will inspire more riding for all ages and

Celebrating Gandhi’s Birthday through Riding

Mahatma Gandhi is an important person to Indian communities across the world for leading a nonviolent movement for Indian independence. This year, the Western Sydney Cycling Network (WSCN) helped their local Indian community celebrate Gandhi’s 150th Birthday and World Bicycle Day through a bike ride. The Bicycle NSW affiliated Bicycle User Group, WSCN helped support

Riding for Health

Last year Alistair took up Love To Ride Challenge to integrate bike riding into his daily commute to the office.  It has helped him improve his fitness and mental health significantly. “I noticed my aerobic capacity has increased and the gruelling preseason football running wasn’t as hard to complete as it has been in previous

Healthy Intake

Good nutrition is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re powering through a challenging ride or looking for a range of other health benefits. Matt’s motivation to eat healthily is to keep fit get the best body possible. He focuses on eating a fairly balanced diet of fruit, vegetables and protein and avoiding empty carbohydrates

Check Yourself and Keep Riding

During Men’s Health Week we’re reminding men of the importance of regular health checks, and visiting the doctor if something does not feel right. This advice hit close to home when last year, a regular blood check for an unrelated matter showed up unusual thyroid results for one of our team members.  An ultra-sound and

Men’s Health Week

This Men’s Health Week (June 10-16), we are encouraging all men and boys to take a look at their health behaviours. We want all males to lead happy and healthy lives and that depends on looking after your physical and mental health, checking in with mates and taking steps to prevent problems.   One in

A Bright Idea

Current Road Safety advice is for people riding bikes to wear ‘bright, light or reflective clothing’ to increase the chances that drivers will see them.  But does this work? SMIDSY, the acronym for ‘Sorry Mate I Didn’t see You’, is a common experience for people who ride bikes on the road.  Motorbike riders suffer the

How to Get Safer Cycling

Lane Cove Council wants to develop bike paths to improve rider safety and provide connections to enable people to complete their journeys by bike. Investing in developing these connections responds to community concerns about the safety of riding a bike in the area.  Key routes, such as the one proposed along the Pacific Highway offer

On the Side of Safety

Bicycle NSW is calling for all heavy vehicles to be fitted with side underrun protection.  Here’s what it means and why it matters. Side underrun protection devices look like rails fitted to the sides of heavy vehicles in the spaces between the wheels. According to the Australian Trucking Association: “Side underrun protection devices protect road

Speaking Up For What You Need

This is the season for bike infrastructure development, and Councils need you to support their work. Bicycle NSW has shared a range of opportunities to ‘Have your say’ and provide feedback on Council plans for bike infrastructure. In post election season and nearing the end of the financial year, councils are keen to spend the