The Max Wiechman Volunteer of the year – David “Debbie” Anderberg
A long serving volunteer of not only Bicycle NSW, but other charities, events and special education programs, Debbie has proven time and time again that he is the true meaning of the word volunteer. Involved since the early 90’s and has continued to show leadership and experience that is irreplaceable. Debbie is highly popular amongst his peers and has developed the up most respect not only with volunteers but Bicycle NSW staff past and present.

In 2010 Debbie was a key figure in the following Bicycle NSW run events:

  • Sydney Gear Up Girl Challenge
  • Canberra Gear up Girl Challenge
  • The NSW Government Spring Cycle

But it isn’t just Bicycle NSW where Debbie excels:

  • Sydney to Gong Ride
  • MS walk and fun run
  • MS Horse ride

Outside of event volunteering:

  • Assist disadvantaged kids with their education:
  • Young offenders
  • Kids in Hospital
  • Distance education (kids away from their families)

Warwick Howse Spring Cycle Volunteer of the year – Ted Duffy
Ted has been an invaluable volunteer for several years along with Maureen, his wife, who is also nominated in this category. For this year’s Spring Cycle, not only was Ted in charge of logistics for all 7 sites, but also gave up the days in the lead up to the event to pack trucks, collect vehicles and deliver equipment. And always with a smile.

Gear Up Girl Volunteer of the Year – Luke Bigucci
Luke is a delight to have around during events. Always putting up his hand to come into the office to help pre event and then turn up on event day with a smile and a can do attitude. He is quickly becoming a regular on all Bicycle NSW events, but showed tremendous skills and commitment at the start site for the Sydney Gear Up Girl Challenge ensuring the registration process went smoothly.

Schools and Commuting Program Volunteer of the Year – Aaron Burger
Aaron has been an office volunteer since mid-October and in that time has achieved a great deal. Aaron’s background in IT and passion for cycling has given him the skills to set up a website tool for which allows people to highlight missing signage for cyclists on the NSW road and bike path system. The tool has proved extremely popular, with over 130 entries so far.

Community Volunteer of the Year – Graeme Edwards
Chairperson of the BUG Council, President of Bike North and instrumental in the development of BNSW Ride Leader course and Master Ride Leader accredited teacher training course and is anAccredited as a Master Ride Leader

Events and Volunteer Management Volunteer of the Year – Richelle Pratap
Richelle has been nominated for the fantastic effort she did in the lead up to the Spring Cycle. Responsible for the volunteer prizes and corporate support, Richelle managed to convince organisations to donate prizes and a bus! Richelle has been a spark in the office and helped immensely with her knowledge, efficiency, and friendliness.

Membership and Advocacy Volunteer of the Year – Elizabeth Buscaino
Elizabeth has been a fantastic resource for the Bicycle New South Wales office to have on board in 2010. Showing initiative in her work and being passionate about cycling have enabled her to retain members for Bicycle New South Wales and assist the office with administration work. Elizabeth has made a difference to cycling and is greatly appreciated by the staff at Bicycle NSW.

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