Here’s a summary of the results from the 2011 Bicycle NSW member survey. Thanks to all members who took part. Your feedback has been valuable in guiding the direction and services that Bicycle NSW offers.  Below is a summary of the results along with Bicycle NSW’s action points as a result of the survey.

Graph 1 (below) shows the types of cycling that members take part in most often:

Graph 2 (below) shows how members rate the current Bicycle NSW member benefits.

(1 = very important, 4 = not important at all):

Graph 3 (below) shows the areas where members feel Bicycle NSW should concentrate.

(1 = very important, 4 = not important at all):

Graph 4 (below) shows how satisfied members are with their Bicycle NSW membership.

(1 = very satisfied, 10 = not satisfied at all)

“I’d like BNSW to get into community education about cycling as well – not just cyclists.”

“It’s nearly all about Sydney, nothing about regional NSW/Australia. It could have info about other States that would be of interest to NSW members.”

“Stronger advocacy for a broad range of people who ride bicycles is my priority. I think linking with local BUGS is important to help ensure that grass roots opinions are heard.”

“It needs to provide a more interactive forum for identifying problem areas of routes. It would also benefit from more professional analysis and concrete strategies for improving bike paths and facilities in NSW.”

“I would like to see more advocacy for rail trail options in NSW – something like the Otago rail trail.”

“More information about bicycle safety. More advice about safe routes. offering to facilitate the change of council policies where they have failed to create safe routes at particular locations, or have adopted changes that have made routes less safe.”

“A forum would be good, where for example, if someone was wanting to participate in a ride, but did not have transport to get themselves there, you could advertise on a forum and car pooling could be provided, thus allowing to enter more events.”

Action points
As a result of the survey Bicycle NSW has implemented the following:

We have developed the Discovery Long Weekend concept to include all regional touring rides.  The new name is Discovery Rides (to allow for tours longer than a weekend) and we have been working on a new web site ( dedicated to delivering future Discovery Rides across regional NSW.

More prominent position in the media, representing the views and opinions of bicycle riders.  Stronger focus on advocacy, supporting local Bicycle User Groups to advocate for better facilities and conditions for bicycle riders.

Thanks again to all members for completing the survey. Watch this space for more exciting developments at Bicycle NSW in 2011!

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