In 2011, the contribution made by our volunteers was so strong that we had to have two Volunteer of the Year Awards! Congratulations to Werner Steyer and Liz Buscaino for their fantastic contribution and ongoing commitment to Bicycle NSW.

Werner Steyer – 2011 Volunteer of the Year

A hard working dedicated volunteer Werner deserves the accolade of Volunteer of the Year. He has time and time again proven what an outstanding and passionate volunteer he is and his dedication and support to Bicycle NSW and the greater bicycle community should be commended.

Werner has an understanding of the needs of the wider cycling community especially outside the Sydney basin, gained from extensive travel and meetings with BUGs, other cycling groups and councils during the development of the Bicycle NSW input into the NSW Bike Plan

His achievements in 2011 speak highly of him and the important role he plays at Bicycle NSW. As a long time commuting and recreational cyclist he has a good understanding of what needs to be done to increase cycling participation, both in the short term and long term.

Werner is not only a volunteer for Bicycle NSW but also helps out as a volunteer with the following:

  • Chairman Illawarra Bicycle Users Group 2006 onwards
  • The Illawarra Active Transport Taskforce
  • Illawarra to Shellharbour City Council Traffic Committee
  • RTA Regional Cycling Consultative Forum Southern Region


  • Without Werner’s dedication the Coastline Cycleway from Wollongong South would still be just on paper. He did a fantastic Audit Report which is the main document for Healthily Illawarra and posted on their website. He has worked tireless with the Department of Planning for many years and helped other coastline communities with Grant Applications.
  • Werner assisted with the development the RTA Regional Consultative Cycling Forums concept and in addition was instrumental in the setup of the Southern RTA region.
  • Werner works with various councils in the Wollongong and Illawarra regions to develop better cycling infrastructure for the community.
  • Werner volunteered as a Team Leader for the 2011 Spring Cycle, taking charge of the important sector leading the riders over Western Distributor and into the Pirrama Park for the City Ride Finish.

Werner is a constant support to the BNSW staff at events and with general advocacy work. Making the long trip up from the south, Werner has become a regular amongst the Bicycle NSW staff and is a deserving winner of this year’s Volunteer of the Year.

Congratulations Werner!

Elizabeth Buscaino – 2011 Volunteer of the Year

Liz 3 as she is known in the office is a once in a life time volunteer dedicated hardworking she is a true example of a volunteer.

Showing initiative in her work and being passionate about cycling have enabled her to retain members for Bicycle New South Wales and assist the office with administration work.

Her contribution has allowed Tracy to concentrate on core tasks of the Membership Officer role and develop the Bicycle NSW Membership.

Liz is able to cover the desk when staff are in meetings or out of the office. She’ll answer the phone, converse with members to capture the needed details for renewals; she’ll take care of visitors that arrive, and so much more.

But it’s not just in the office where Liz excels; she is constantly taking on Team Leader roles with our major events, managing important sectors of the rides to ensure the safety of the riders, giving them encouragement and being fully engaged in ensuring the success of the event.


  • Liz played an important part in the growth of the Bicycle NSW Membership. Membership is just under 12,000 and thanks to Liz’s dedication with membership renewals and phone calls to expired members she has helped us achieve this great result.
  • Liz volunteered as a Team Leader for the 2011 Parra Pedal, Gear up Girl Challenge and Spring Cycle; taking charge of important route sectors she ensured the safety of the riders and success of these major events.
  • Bicycle NSW’s Online Shop is growing, thanks to Liz for her dedication in ensuring that all orders are met and sent out in a timely fashion.
    Liz has played a key role in updating member details. Thanks to her involvement our database of Membership is overcoming the limitations of the past and now gives us a true picture of our members and their details.

Liz cycles to the office; holiday’s with her bike and generally lives a cycling and sustainable life. Her contribution is invaluable! Congratulations Liz!

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