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Blacktown’s Good Bones Marred by Bollards

Dan Sobkowski is a young father who bikes for transport with his family in and around Blacktown. Dan’s observations on how difficult it can be to get around outside a car are compiled on his excellent Instagram account Copenhagenize Blacktown Bicycle NSW is delighted to meet a new ally for Better Streets and human-friendly infrastructure

No Way To Bollards!

Bicycle NSW member and Volunteer Advocate, Werner and friend happened to be on scene to provide assistance to another cyclist. The bicycle rider with a physical disability riding a recumbent bike was blocked by an s-bend of chicanes on a shared South Coast path. ‘The photo was taken some years back and used to highlight

Bloody Bollards!

Bollards…… many of you may be reluctant to read about these boring obstructions, we are even less inclined to write about them. But as a bicycle rider you may be painfully acquainted with them. At Bicycle NSW, we get a lot of calls from riders who have collided with bollards, or who have witnessed serious

Bollard Busters!

Riding group takes out two useless bollards in Homebush Bicycle User Group (BUG) Bike North may have set the record for speedy bollard removal. And possibly alliteration! Because on a recent Botany Bay Bacon ride, Bike North Secretary Brian busted two bollards.  Just north of Parramatta Road at Homebush, there were U-shaped barriers on each

The Good Bollard

We’ve written about bad bollards creating havoc on cycleways. You may have run into one. Generally, bollards are not prescribed for cycleways except to prevent traffic intrusion, and even then, there should be ample space to allow, for example, a double pram or mobility scooter through without obstruction. Bollards as traffic calming, however, such as

Family Friendly Bikes

Bicycles come in a range of shapes and sizes, and they can fit your whole family. To ride with babies and very small children, bike trailers provide a great alternative that can allow children to lie down or play with toys while you pedal.  They can enable two children to sit beside each other, carry

Tips For Group Riding

Riding in a group is an exciting experience and can lead to some amazing adventures! St George BUG has come up with some helpful hints to ensure everyone remains safe and has a fun time. Equipment  Your bicycle should be in good working order, with tyres pumped and chain oiled.  Do not ride if your

Have Your Say for Safer Temporary Traffic Management

We want you to get home safely so Bicycle NSW has been contributing to the development of the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management to help make the roads safer for people riding bikes and walking. Temporary traffic management is most often used as part of construction projects where roads, footpaths and cycleways are