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Bayside Council Active Transport Corridor

Returning to the office we were delighted to find good news for people who ride through or around the Bayside Council area in Sydney. Just before Christmas, Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, The Hon. Robert Stokes MP signed off approval for the F6 Extension Road Link that includes an off-road, active transport corridor between Greg Arkins Mini Field and Rockdale Bicentennial Park via Tony Baker Reserve.  

Bayside Council Active Transport Corridor

Approval of the F6 extension Road Link followed representation by Bicycle NSW, Bayside Council and local Bicycle User Groups. Ultimately, we succeeded in persuading Transport for NSW to use properties it had already purchased to replace on-road routes with a much safer off-road path.

“With the Bayside Council active transport corridor, we are pleased to see benefits for local people, pedestrians and cyclists delivered as part of road projects,” said General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“This active transport corridor will help more people connect their journeys to work, school and services safely,” said Bastien.

Bicycle NSW looks forward to future riding in the area.

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