This Friday the 15th of March Australian students will strike, joining in a global climate action protest at up to 50 locations nationwide.

In response to criticisms of last November’s protests, Doha Kahn says students will have their demands on their banners including: stopping the Adani coalmine, moving to 100% renewables by 2030 and no new fossil fuel projects.

Across Australia we’ve set new temperature records, and climate change is a key election issue for people in NSW.  Bicycle NSW supports calls in the Future 2056 Transport Plan to move short journeys to active transport, reducing congestion, fossil fuel use and air pollution from motor vehicles.

Accelerated delivery of active transport infrastructure is essential to get more people walking and riding bikes and Bicycle NSW has worked with and encouraged political parties to ‘invest now for health’.  The NSW Greens plan for bike riding provides the largest financial commitment and a clear list of priorities to move us towards a cleaner NSW.

Whether or not you agree with the strike we can all take action ourselves to reduce fossil fuel use.  Short journeys by car are the most polluting, so switching to bike riding or walking makes a real difference.  

This Friday we why not switch to active transport if you can, and if that’s not possible where you live, have a chat with your MP and local candidates about the changes you need for a cleaner future.

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