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As a keen bike rider, Gina loves a ride with her group out to Palm Beach in Sydney’s North. Yet, as COVID-19 hit and restrictions were put in place, Gina, like many, had to stop her group riding and go solo.

Social interaction is a big part of bike riding and opens doors to building communities with the common passion of two wheels. It also enables riders to feel more comfortable through the protection in numbers mentality, as other road users are often more likely to see a group of bike riders than a solo rider. 

“I felt so vulnerable being by myself on busy roads and not in a group. On my rides, I was having near misses by cars overtaking,” explained Gina. 

“I love cycling so much that I wanted to do something for bike riders to be able to send a message to the cars overtaking them, to help make them feel safer on the roads.”

Gina has created bibs you can purchase with phrases like “I’m A Mum”, “I’m a Dad”, “My Family Needs Me” in order to help road users see bike riders as people too. 

You can visit Gina’s website, Sydney Safe Cycling, here in order to purchase your bib, with the price starting at $5.

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