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Wendy’s adventures on two wheels began at the age of 60 on the old red rattler her daughter had left behind when she moved overseas.

It started with shopping and then the 8km round trip to work and ten years later, Wendy has traveled all over Europe and Indo China on bicycle tours, and keeps healthy by doing something she loves.


“When I first got the red heavy hybrid mountain bike I started doing my 2 kms to the shops and library and then I thought, I’d like to do some longer rides, but I did not have the confidence to venture further,” Wendy told us.

Joining her local Bicycle User Group, BikeNorth, on a few of their easy rides, revealed new routes and new friends. “After about six rides I realised I wasn’t keeping up with the group on the heavy bike and bought a hybrid flat bar road bike – a blue one. From then life just opened out – it blossomed.”

“Every holiday since then has involved cycling, a good deal of Europe and I'm just back from Tasmania. I’m planning on cycling up the east coast of Vietnam next year. As a single woman on holiday I choose to cycle with a group for safety and companionship, mainly commercial ventures. On these rides, I have found the local guides so very well informed.”

In Europe, there is over 45,000km of cycleways making up 14 long distance routes that cross over 44 different countries.  You can explore the full extent of the EuroVelo routes here.


“Touring cyclists bring money into a region and many cycle paths are now built, noted more recently in South Korea. The routes for example across Europe are well used - my favorite is Prague to Budapest. We should be building cycle paths like EuroVelo across our land, the more cycle paths we put into place, the better it’s going to be. Build them and we will come.”

Back at home in Sydney, Wendy is committed to getting more women on bikes within her local BUG. “When men focus on being competitive on a group ride, some women haven’t enjoyed the ride as much as they should, and end up at the back.”

As a newly qualified Bicycle NSW Ride Leader, Wendy has started 'women only' rides for Bike North to gauge interest and encourage more women to cycle. “The 'women only' rides aren’t necessary easier than mixed rides, we just enjoy each others company and make time to stop and smell the roses."

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