Bicycle NSW Directors

Jon Leighton – President


Jon sees his role as bringing all cyclists, cycling fans, influencers and people connected to cycling on the same page to create a better environment for cycling.  Jon is committed to ensuring that decisions taken on behalf of members and the cycling community are in line with this purpose.

Jon has actively supported a board renewal program in line with our purpose, to develop and ensure we have the most talented and committed board possible.  He has made an active contribution to sound board governance, including introduction of a Board Charter and clear guidelines for board nomination and selection criteria.  He has also made a major contribution to the CEO recruitment process, and provided support for the CEO with executive coaching and advice concerning people-related matters.

Jon brings an extensive executive network (from Glasgow to London to Singapore to Australia) and connections to other riding groups, partners and sponsors.  He is also active in his local community of Kuring-gai, promoting the enhancement of local cycling infrastructure and programs.

Jon is both a competitive and recreational cyclist, riding at least 300K’s a week and is a regular bicycle commuter with the Easy Riders group.  He is delighted to be supporting his young sons to take up cycling for transport and recreation in their daily lives.

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Alan Coutts – Vice President

alan-couttsI joined the Board of Bicycle NSW in late 2015.  I am a retired NSW public servant and have held senior executive positions in a number of government agencies.  I have also held various board appointments and believe i can bring to the board of Bicycle NSW  my experience of good corporate governance, strategic thinking and an understanding of how government works.  this is essential for an organisation that relies on government for providing us with better cycling infrastructure and that impacts on so much of what we do.

 I am a keen recreational cyclist and have participated in many community rides over the years as well as undertaking a number of cycling trips overseas.  I think cycling is a great activity for all the family and it has certainly rewarded me with many great friendships and a great way of keeping fit.
I look forward to working with my fellow board members in bringing about a better environment and improved facilities for cycling in this State.

Melinda Tarrant – Secretary

Melinda Tarrant
What I bring to the board. Past & future, in relation to BNSW:
I have worked with several Boards over the last 10 years from the executive/management side, in both the corporate world at American Express, while CEO of a joint venture Business Travel company in Japan and as Director in charge of a Wholesale Currency business, and now as Chief Operating Officer at Cycling Australia. I understand the importance of ensuring Boards have the appropriate access to accurate and timely information to make sound decisions and the support that management require from the Board to be effective.

Since joining Cycling Australia 3 years ago, I have not only gotten back on my own bike, but have encouraged my daughter to do so as well. I have found that access to bike paths and bike lanes has made the experience safer and more enjoyable, and that Sydney in particular is one of the least attractive cities to cyclists due to the perceived or real behaviour of motorists.

I joined BNSW to participate in Gear Up Girl and am happy to pay 2 memberships to contribute towards making a safer environment for cycling in NSW.

What I stand for/hope to achieve:
I believe that we need better cycling facilities to make it easier, more enjoyable and safer for people to participate regularly in cycling for health, fun and as part of their social network. I recognise these come at a cost so I also believe that Bicycle NSW can play a role in promoting a behavioural and mindset shift from motorists in how they perceive cyclists, their rights, and their knowledge of the road rules as they relate to cyclists and cyclist behaviour. This education process of motorists and cyclists is critical to our ability to co-exist safely.

I hope that through my involvement on the Board of BNSW and by leveraging relationships I have built at Cycling Australia, I will be able to support BNSW in building a bridge between pure recreational and keen regular cyclists, who, at the end of the day, both desire and need the same thing – a safe and accessible environment to enjoy their cycling, at whatever frequency and intensity they desire.

 Royce Michael Lee


Royce has worked in architectural practice for almost 20 years and enjoys a professional connection to the built environment and a passion for design — from object scale to urban scale.  He recently completed Masters level studies in strategic management, organisational sustainability, marketing, managing resources, and the management of innovation and change.  His current occupation involves the strategic management of technology.

As a competitive cyclist in his teenage years who has recently rediscovered cycling, Royce relishes being able to share his passion for cycling with others.  He is interested in how effortless cycling is in many European cities and is curious about what aspects of that culture can be developed here to make cycling more popular, safer, and better supported by infrastructure.

Since joining the board in 2010, Royce has combined his passion for cycling, skills in strategic thinking, and his strong desire to make a positive contribution to Bicycle NSW.  He has been heavily involved in board activities: fulfilling the role and duties of Secretary; working with the Chair on improving board process and redesign of board papers; actively participating in strategy development sessions; and representing BNSW at community events such as the City of Sydney ‘Sustainable Sydney 2030’ launch.

Royce cycles 150+km most weeks and races (occasionally) with the Randwick Botany Cycling Club.  Since 2007 he has participated in the Spring Cycle, Ride to Work Day, Ride for Life and the Gong Ride.  In the case of the Gong Ride, Royce helped coordinate a corporate team that has raised over $165,000 for charity.  Royce is interested in cycling as a vehicle for supporting charitable and community events — the idea of using a good cause to support a good cause — and how these opportunities can be optimised to provide the maximum benefit for all parties.

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David Kelly

David Kelly 300dpi_8656

Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland
Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
Registered Company Auditor

What I bring to the Board
I am a keen (but not very good!) cyclist having rediscovered the joys of cycling in recent years. In addition to the Spring Cycle I have participated in the Gong Ride, Ride to Conquer Cancer, Tour de Hills and a number of other events. I am a member of Bicycle NSW and share the aspiration of “creating a better environment for cycling”. I ride recreationally and commute to work when I can, and would like to see an environment where my young son can aspire to regular and safe cycling as part of everyday life.

I have been a partner at PwC since 1997 and have extensive experience in Australia and in Ireland with a wide range of clients. In my role as an Assurance partner I have worked with Boards and Audit Committees on issues of governance, financial and commercial viability, and strategy. I have a pragmatic and commercial focus and work with my clients to understand the broad business issues, not just the accounting ones. I look forward to working with the Board to bring this experience to Bicycle NSW.

What I stand for/hope to achieve
I enjoy the inclusiveness of cycling – anyone can be in it. The Spring Cycle epitomises this inclusiveness.
We need to give this opportunity to more people and embed a better quality of life for this and future generations. I think I bring a practical, balanced and mainstream view to the discussion, balanced by my business background and an understanding of how things can be achieved if a common and reasonedvoice can be expressed.
Bicycle NSW has a key role in offering this voice and bringing all strands of cycling together. I look forward to contributing to this.

achieve more.

Peter Lee

Peter Lee2

Peter has been an active grass roots campaigner for a cleaner, greener, fairer, overall better world for all humanity for many years. He believes in the “Power of an idea whose time has come.” and sees this as absolutely applicable to cycling.

Advocacy for cycling has transitioned from being a green hippy antagonistic movement to being a mainstream lifestyle issue. Peter has been recognised locally for his part in steering Newcastle Cycleways Movement through this transition to where NCM is now working cooperatively with local politicians, council staff, RMS, other external agencies like the Heart Foundation and the NRMA as well as the media.
Peter sees the opportunity of working on the Board as another extension of this transition presenting opportunities to cooperate with state political powers and significant decision makers.
Peter’s passion for cycling has been life long. He has been a mountain biker, road rider, commuter, tourer, off road tourer and recreational rider. The one thing he has never done is race competitively.
He supports others riding in any way he can, including personal coaching to learn to ride, or improve commuting riding skills and also rides on the front of tandems for vision impaired riders.
Aside of cycling Peter is a Uniting Church Lay Preacher and State Emergency Service volunteer Team Leader.

Retailer in camping and outdoor recreation industry.

Diploma in Architectural Technology.

What I bring to the Board. Past & future, in relation to Bicycle NSW:
I have been part of the advocacy wing of Newcastle Cycleways Movement (inc) since 1998 and am now in my third year as President. I have stood as a political candidate for The Australian Democrats at all three levels of government, and spent 6 years on the State Executive committee. I worked with the BNSW CEO on the RTA Bicycle Advisory Council from 2003 until it was dissolved as part of the move to the State Bike Plan in 2009.
This experience gives me some understanding of the processes of government and the difficulties of moving great ideas forward.
I played a key community input role in the development of the Lake Macquarie Council Bicycle Strategy and now sit on their Cycling advisory committee.

What I stand for/ hope to achieve:
Cycling advocacy is in a transition. The market gets it; nowadays you sell real-estate by showing images of happy healthy people riding their bikes in that estate. However the government is yet to fully embrace cycling as a mode of transport. I believe Cycling should be treated as a genuine mode of transport above just a recreational pursuit.
I hope to see and do expect the NSW State government to start to invest significant funds into cycling transport infrastructure in the near future. When this financial commitment is realised in new infrastructure there will be another transition in the work of bicycle advocates to other encouragement and behaviour change programs.

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