Active Transport connections in the Rockdale area

16 June 2017

A woman on a funky bicycleRecently Bicycle NSW has been involved in a workshop at Rockdale convened by RMS to look at constraints and opportunities for an improved cycleway connection of the Via Giovanni Brunetti Bridge (VGB) – the bridge over the Cooks River just west of the Airport International Terminal.

We have focused on the goal of improved Active Transport connections across the Via Giovanni Brunetti Bridge at Rockdale near the Airport. This is a complex area with major developments at the Airport and planned for the present Kogarah Golf Club.

Presently a poor connection exists between the southern suburbs and the major bike commuter route along the Alexandra Canal to the CBD. Major land redevelopment is planned along the nearby western bank of the Cooks River. Sydney Airport is presently finalising plans including how to link with the VGB.

We, along with our affiliated BUG, BIKEast, and the Australian Bicycle Council put forward our knowledge of preferred commuter bike routes in the area and likely changes with a better, more direct, route across the VGB. As such developers are now keen to include a wide, seperated cycleway along the western foreshore, which would fill in a major missing link in the Cooks River Cycleway.

We were pleased to be able to present the importance of improved connectivity in this area, both for commuters and recreational riders.