Advocacy Essentials

Bicycle NSW advocates on behalf of every cyclist but we still need your help to advocate for cycling, especially at the local government level. The more people who advocate for cycling will mean better outcomes for cycling.

Bicycle NSW supports and encourages local advocates who share our mission of "creating a better environment for cycling."

The resources below provide useful guidance on the basics of advocacy for our community and network of bicycle riders to use when working with or on behalf of Bicycle NSW.

The Bicycle NSW Advocacy Knowledgebase provides general information that describes the landscape of Government, the planning process and how all bicycle advocates can help Bicycle NSW to achieve our mission of creating a better environment for cycling


Making Cycling a Priority in your area

Click through to read and download our Guide to Community Strategic Plans - How to make cycling + Walking a priority in your NSW Council. All NSW Council's will be working through the Community Strategic Planning process over 2016 and 2017. This will be the perfect opportunity to actively be involved in defining the future of cycling in your area.

The guide covers:
  • Understanding what a Strategic Plan is
  • Integrated Planning & Reporting
  • Meeting with your local Councillors
  • Being involved in consultation


    Safe Streets Neighbourhoods

    Click through to read and download the Safe Streets Neighbourhoods model for individual advocates. The model is fundamentally about seeking council plans and actions to slow traffic in local streets, following the 'Safe-street Neighbourhoods' model and case - lower speed limits and redesign such streets.
    This model complements Bicycle NSW's 'How to make cycling + Walking a priority in your NSW Council'.

    The guide covers:
  • Safety considerations
  • Reduce motoring danger
  • Perceptions matter
  • Travel time, benefits and costs
  • Social and environmental benefots
  • The way forward
  • Auditing and mapping neighbourhood streets
  • Regulatory framework and opportunities


    Guide to Analysing Planning Documents

    Click through to read our Guide to Analysing Planning Documents.

    The guide covers:
  • How to Find Plans/Projects
  • What Other Information Should You Collect
  • How to Examine a Plan/Project
  • How to Provide Feedback


    Planning & Design Standards

    Click through to read about Planning & Design Standards
    This section covers:
  • Cycleways on the Rail Corridor
  • Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides
  • Cycling on Higher Speed Roads
  • Planning Guidelines for Walking and Cycling


    Planning Documents

    Click through tofind out more about planning documents
    This section covers:
  • Bicycle Plans
  • Development Control Plans
  • Management Plans
  • Resource Plans


    Guide to Preparing Submissions

    Click through to read about how to write submissions.

    This section covers
  • Learn How to Analyse Plans & Projects
  • Understanding the Political Landscape
  • Writing in Support
  • Preparing your Own Submissions