Be assured that Bicycle NSW will be at the round table with Minister Gay in the discussion around the suggested licensing of bikes. We agree with Minister Gay that we need to “come up with a solution to provide a better place”, and we too welcome the dialogue to “come up with something to protect lives”. However we fundamentally do not believe licensing of bicycles will create a better environment for cycling. Michael O’Rielly has 18 reasons why registering bicycles is a bad idea and our friends at BNA have five reasons why bike rider registration is stupid! This one document from the RTA is perhaps an excellent starting point because it concludes any such scheme will not serve the community; be they bicycle riders, drivers or pedestrians. And, if that is not enough, perhaps we can learn from the Queensland Parliament Inquiry into Cycling Issues which concluded

“The Committee is concerned that the continuing debate over whether bicycles should be registered is not in the interests of improving interaction between cyclists and other road users and that the reasons bicycles are not subject to registration is little understood by motorists. The Committee is also concerned that the debate takes the focus away from the real issues and improvements that are required to make cycling a mainstream activity, thereby improving the interaction between cyclists and other road users”.

Share with us your response to the concept of licensing bikes, or alternative concepts to Minister Gay that will provide a better place and protect lives.