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We hear you. We collected together comments from our member survey and example comments on our advocacy with government include:

  • “Unfortunately, the government is decidedly anti-bike.”
  • “I would like to see greater advocacy for cyclists.  Your advocacy always seems very polite and doesn’t seem to be getting traction with government...”
  • “keep up the pressure on all levels of government to provide good bike friendly infrastructure in a properly coordinated manner”
Cycling into the sunset

Political Support

As we shared, our launch of Safety on Spokes included MPs from the Liberal, Labor, National and Greens parties.  It was followed in Parliament by acknowledgements from Jo Haylen MP and Jamie Parker MP, who encouraged all of their colleagues to support us.

We were proud to receive a formal acknowledgement from Jamie Parker MP, not only for the campaign, but for our work to try and make the Westconnex Rozelle Interchange Project safer.  Bicycle NSW advocacy follows our policy principles and a public health approach based on research and data. 

Submissions and Comments

Bicycle NSW writes submissions and provides comment on a range of state and Council plans across NSW.  We endeavour to improve facilities for riders and to ensure that plans confirm with the State and Austroads guidelines for bike infrastructure.  We focus on law, regulation and facts, mostly that’s polite, but sometimes we share our frustrations

Some of the comments called for us to:

“Spend less time pushing Sydney metro issues and more on country related issues...”

Issues In Your Area

We encourage you to share plans, issues and specific topics from your area. Bicycle NSW has supported and advised on a range of projects, successfully advocated for safety improvements on country roads and the expansion of COVID-19 pop-ups beyond Sydney.  But feel free to let us know what’s needed most in your area.  


We will continue addressing your comments and doing our best to deliver.  In some cases we already have, and encourage you to search our website.  In the meantime why not share some of our Safety on Spokes messages locally to help spread safe cycling education?

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