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With COVID-19 numbers growing, the measures have changed again so we have an update and a challenge for riders.

bike rider cycling up hill in the sunset

Lockdown Extension for Rural and Regional NSW

For riders living outside Greater Sydney, the lockdown measures have been extended until Friday 10 September. In communities where case numbers are low, or cases have not been confirmed, this may feel frustrating and we know the two person rule can be tough for BUGs and groups who ride together.  We hope the measures work to get your ride back to normal soon.

Changes to LGAs of Concern

From 13 September in the local government areas of concern, families where all adults are fully vaccinated, will be allowed to go outside for an hour of recreation in addition to exercise.  Registrations have opened for singles bubbles, and people in the LGAs of concern over the age of 16 are required to register their bubble buddy.  You can find out more information here.

Greater Sydney

In Greater Sydney, from Monday 13 September 5 people will be allowed to gather outdoors, this number includes children, provided all adults are vaccinated.  People will still need to comply with the rules that require you to remain in your LGA or within 5km of your home.

Changes to the Health Orders 

A change to the orders related to singles bubbles now allows people to nominate a new bubble buddy where their original nominated bubble buddy is no longer able to visit.  It also changes the definition of work to include people who volunteer or work for charitable organisations. 

Many of our riders volunteer for the SES, Fire Fighting Services, Surf Life Saving and a range of other charities that our communities depend on.  This change in the regulations will enable those groups to plan for the continuation of their services, and no doubt they will be in touch with volunteers.

We know the rules will continue to change as NSW plans for children attending exams, and returning to school.  We will keep updating riders as best we can, and will continue to link to the health orders as they are updated.

Hill Challenge

In some areas roads are busier than usual as people have switched to private vehicles instead of public transport. We’ve loved the drawings riders have shared as you track your rides also known as Strava art.  

For riders who are missing long rides, can’t travel to your normal trails, or are playing it safe because your local medical services are stressed, here’s a challenge.  Why not pick a hill on a quiet street, or in a park, put in some climbing laps and then challenge your riding group, friends or family?  We know riding with friends is much more fun, but a bit of rivalry and banter goes a long way if you can’t all ride together.

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