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Bicycle NSW is in the final stages of preparing to present at the Australian Walking and Cycling Conference 2020.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 Pandemic means presenters will not be travelling to Newcastle for the conference.  Instead this will be delivered as an on-line event delivered by a partnership of the Newcastle Cycleways Movement, Newcastle University and local Councils on the 1st-2nd of October.

  • At 10:45 on October 1st Bastien will present ‘Cycling Advocacy: a public health approach to strategy’.
  • At 12:00 the same day Kirra and Kim will co-present ‘Making data meaningful: a ‘how to guide’ on infographics’ and why they work’.
  • On October 2nd at 12:20 Bastien will present ‘Campaigning to win’.

Links to the program and details of the keynote presenters can be found here, and times may alter a little as the program moves to its final version. Transport for NSW will also be doing a live Q&A session on Friday if you have any questions to ask.  

“We thought it might help to show people the rationale and techniques that sit behind what we do,” said Bicycle NSW Communications Manager, Kim Lavender.

“If sharing our process helps other people campaign in their area for the things that make bike riding better, that’s exactly what we’re here for,” said Bicycle NSW Graphic Designer, Kirra Zhigunov.

The benefit of the switch to an on-line format is that the conference is more accessible to everyone.  Tickets are available here at the bargain price of $50.

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