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Bicycle NSW makes submissions on transport projects, laws, regulations and plans as part of advocating for what would make NSW better for bike riders and the community.

Construction Work

Not Just Making Things Safer For Bike Riders

We don’t just make demands on behalf of bike riders, because this hasn’t worked previously to achieve change.  In preparing submissions, we devote time to analysing where proposals fail to conform with government legislation, regulation and plans.  We explain the alterations needed, and how amendments will help improve project safety and amenities for everyone. 

The Beaches Link and Gore Hill Freeway EiS submission, goes further and calls on the NSW Government to operate with greater transparency and to develop and publish plans for active transport infrastructure and detours earlier in the process.  This would enable advocates to provide advice more effectively, saving on costly re-work or the poor safety outcomes seen on major projects like the Westconnex Rozelle Interchange.

More Transparency Is Needed

Bicycle NSW would like to see greater transparency and conformity of all NSW projects with the policies, guidelines and regulations of the State Government. The latest NSW Government Road User Space Allocation Policy, Movement and Place Framework and Practitioners Guide and Providing for Walking and Cycling in Transport Projects Policy are great examples that, if followed on this project, would transform how it is delivered.

“Most of the policies, plans, regulations, guidelines and many of the laws in NSW are fine and support safe bike riding,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“The majority of problems arise when what is actually done contradicts them,” said Bastien.

We call on the NSW Government to ensure plans developed for State transport projects, and contract management, conforms with State policy, guidelines and regulation.  This will improve the quality, efficiency and safety of these projects for everyone and ensure the people of NSW derive the greatest possible benefit from these enormous investments of taxpayer funds.


Thanks to the local Bicycle User Group, BikeNorth for sharing their local knowledge and insights for this project. You can follow their updates here or see their submission here.

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