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Did you know that if you carry your bicycles on a roof rack then you might as well be driving a truck?  

This is because your vehicle dimensions then exceed a standard car.  And you're almost certainly going to be classed as a heavy vehicle when you pass through one of Sydney’s tolling points.

In summary, if you're towing a trailer for recreation or are carrying recreational equipment on your roof (like a bicycle) then you'll likely measure greater than 12.5m in length and/or 2.8m in height. You will then be charged at the same rate as a truck. And this generally around triple the cost of the standard car toll.  

Roof-mounted bike racks are one of many options for transporting bikes by car. (Image: Atera)

After being notified by a number of Members on this exact issue, Bicycle NSW investigated. We came across a very little known and little promoted rebate called the Large Towed Recreational Vehicle Toll Rebate.  

Yes, it's a mouthful, isn't it? 

If you're towing a caravan, boat, horse float, small trailer for private reasons then you can apply for a rebate. And the good news is that bikes on roof racks also trigger a discount. 

The rebate brings the cost of tolls back to your original vehicle class. The rebate is capped at 8 toll trips per monthly billing period.

To be eligible for the rebate you must register with your toll provider, be a NSW resident, not be registered as a business vehicle and claim the higher toll you paid as a rebate within 12 months.  For further detailed information, visit Transport for NSW or your toll provider.  

We hope this will save Members of Bicycle NSW some money each year.


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