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The Board of Bicycle NSW is an essential part of the Governance structure of Bicycle NSW.  Just as a traditional Board represents the shareholders of an organisation, the Board of Bicycle NSW represents the members of Bicycle NSW.  Each year, elections are held to determine which Bicycle NSW members will fill the positions vacated by members whose term has expired.

Board members provide Bicycle NSW with contacts and expertise across a variety of industries, helping to make Bicycle NSW a focused and professional organisation.  The time and effort invested by the Board members is invaluable and yet is provided free of charge.  This is a testament to the commitment and dedication that our Board has in:

"Creating a better environment for all bicycle riders".


Melinda Tarrant

Melinda Tarrant – President

What I bring to the board. Past & future, in relation to BNSW:
I have worked with several Boards over the last 10 years from the executive/management side, in both the corporate world at American Express, while CEO of a joint venture Business Travel company in Japan and as Director in charge of a Wholesale Currency business, and now as Chief Operating Officer at Cycling Australia.

I understand the importance of ensuring Boards have the appropriate access to accurate and timely information to make sound decisions and the support that management require from the Board to be effective.

Since joining Cycling Australia 3 years ago, I have not only gotten back on my own bike, but have encouraged my daughter to do so as well. I have found that access to bike paths and bike lanes has made the experience safer and more enjoyable, and that Sydney in particular is one of the least attractive cities to cyclists due to the perceived or real behaviour of motorists.

I joined BNSW to participate in Gear Up Girl and am happy to pay 2 memberships to contribute towards making a safer environment for cycling in NSW.

What I stand for/hope to achieve:
I believe that we need better cycling facilities to make it easier, more enjoyable and safer for people to participate regularly in cycling for health, fun and as part of their social network.

I recognise these come at a cost so I also believe that Bicycle NSW can play a role in promoting a behavioural and mindset shift from motorists in how they perceive cyclists, their rights, and their knowledge of the road rules as they relate to cyclists and cyclist behaviour. This education process of motorists and cyclists is critical to our ability to co-exist safely.

I hope that through my involvement on the Board of BNSW and by leveraging relationships I have built at Cycling Australia, I will be able to support BNSW in building a bridge between pure recreational and keen regular cyclists, who, at the end of the day, both desire and need the same thing – a safe and accessible environment to enjoy their cycling, at whatever frequency and intensity they desire.


Royce Lee

Royce Michael Lee – Vice President

Royce has worked in architectural practice for almost 20 years and enjoys a professional connection to the built environment and a passion for design — from object scale to urban scale.

He recently completed Masters level studies in strategic management, organisational sustainability, marketing, managing resources, and the management of innovation and change.  His current occupation involves the strategic management of technology.


Darryn Capes-Davis

I am an Engineer by profession and currently work as Head of Operations at the Children’s Medical Research Institute at Westmead. As well as leading the Operations team I am also Project Director of the institute’s $65M redevelopment project.

Volunteer organisations that I am a Board member of include Bike North, Bicycle NSW and Alive 90.5 FM, a community radio station in the Hills. I am a member of the City of Parramatta Cycleways Advisory Committee and City of Parramatta Local Planning Panel (Community Representative).

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Katie Banerjee

Dr Katie Banerjee

I started cycling in 2013 when I emigrated to Australia and have been a member of Bicycle NSW since that time. In my first year living in Sydney I took my family on the Spring Cycle, the unique experience for my young children to cycle in a supportive environment across the Harbour Bridge was unforgettable. Since then I have participated in every Spring Cycle (all distances) and the Gear Up Girl rides.

My passion for cycling has grown over the years, not just for me personally but also for me to be able to encourage and support others. I am a huge advocate for women in cycling. I am a member of my local club Harlequin, Cycling NSW and Cycling Australia.

I have participated in many charity fund raising events including the MS Gong Ride, The Zoo the Zoo, the Bobbin Head Classic and the Pedal4Kids, last year I was also a ride leader on the Pedal4kids ride raising money for the Children’s Hospital, a charity close to my heart.

I have had the opportunity to be involved and observe cycling in many different formats from family rides and local bike trails, to early morning and weekend rides with established and growing social groups. I compete at State, National Level and NRS levels.

I have also competed in International Masters competitions in 2018 and 2019 winning the World
Championships in both Time Trial and Road Race and winning a bronze medal in the Gran Fondo. With all that in mind I haven’t lost focus on what is important in my immediate cycling community.

I’m helping organise some of the NSW Women’s 100 rides and a training camp specifically for Ladies.

What I bring to the board
I have been a member of the BNSW Advocacy Committee for the past year. With my background in health, working in the disability field of paediatrics I have a good level of understanding of some of the challenges faced by riders with a disability and the support networks available for them to enable participation and inclusiveness.
I will bring new ideas, new perspective and diversity to the board, working with the current board members towards the short, medium and long-term goals of Bicycle NSW and to wholeheartedly support the members that we represent.

I hope to be able to use my training and links in health to advocate for funding allocation and focus on safe and accessible cycle routes, to promote education and encourage physical activity and a healthy lifestyle for adults and children alike across NSW.


Anne Grunseit

Anne Grunseit

I am Senior Research Fellow at the University of Sydney in the School of Public Health and have over 20 years’ research experience with government, university and non-government organisations. A particular focus of my research is evaluation of large scale interventions to promote physical activity in the community. One of my current projects is an evaluation of the impact of an extensive new cycling network in regional NSW.

I am myself an enthusiastic recreational cyclist but also regularly ride my bike to work. My wish is that everyone who wants to ride a bike either to get from place to place or just for fun, can do so in pleasant and safe surrounds. I will be contributing to BNSW and its membership my skills and knowledge around physical activity promotion and evidence-based decision-making to support people’s health and wellbeing.


John Hawkins

John Hawkins

John Hawkins first became involved in cycling advocacy a few short years after taking up cycle commuting and mountain biking in 2006, when he took a leading role in coordinating the successful campaign to reverse the closure of the Manly Dam trail to mountain bikers in 2010.

He is a Certified Practising Accountant of over 30 years’ experience in financial reporting and managing related systems, covering transport and logistics, civil engineering and construction, banking and mining industries for ASX Top 100 companies.

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Michael Corboy

Michael Corboy APM

Assistant Commissioner (Rtd)

Managing Director, Corboy Consulting Pty Ltd.

Michael was in the NSW Police Force almost 40 years and retired in 2020.

Following a career in general duties in both Metropolitan and Regional NSW, then in operational positions he has gained over 20 years of Senior Management experience including Local Area Commander, Commander Police Radio Communication, Police Public Affairs Branch. Assistant Commissioner for 12 years including Education and Training Command, Regional Command and Traffic and Highway Patrol. Before retirement, Michael oversaw Highway Patrol response to the State Bushfire threat and Covid 19 pandemic operations.

Michael has held several senior advisory positions including the Road Safety Advisory Committee, Chaired by The Minister for Transport, Chair of both the Australian Institute of Police Management Academic Board and the Police Professionalisation Committee at the Australian and New Zealand Police Advisory Agency.

He has been keynote speaker at a number of road safety conferences both nationally and worldwide including the 2019 International Drug Driving Conference in Canada.

He has been a member of many Charities over the years including the NSW Police Association, has chaired the Sudden Infant Death Association Board, been Treasurer of NSW Police Legacy and is co-founder, past Chairman and current National and State Board member of the Wall to Wall Ride for Remembrance.

He is a Life member NSW Police Association, Australian Police Australian Rules Football Club and NSW Police Legacy.

Michael has a passion for road safety and is a keen motorcyclist and enjoys riding his pushbike daily for health and exercise.