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Bicycle NSW is excited to welcome two additional Better Streets Campaign Coordinators, Kat Hossen and Monique Ewen to the group.

Better Streets

Better Streets is a coalition of planners, advocates, community groups, pedestrian and bicycle groups that are working to support local and state governments roll back 70 years of car-centric planning.

The group launched in New South Wales last year using a model developed in the UK and aims to supercharge the process of reclaiming street space for walking and cycling in our cities and towns.

Newly appointed Better Streets Campaign Coordinator, Mama Kat with Cheeky Mika
(Photo courtesy: Kat Hossen)

Advance the goals of Bicycle NSW and Better Streets coalition campaigns

Two part time Campaign Coordinator roles with Better Streets will support advocacy groups, businesses, GP’s, schools and other organisations to move quickly and constructively towards safe, healthy, climate-friendly and people-friendly streets.

Eco-Warrior Kat Hossen

Melbourne resident and mum Kat describes herself as an eco-warrior and digital maven. Kat was introduced to the opportunities of active transport as a committed co-pilot to @cargobike_dad and is actively leading the charge for a sustainable future in her local community. With her passion for sustainable living, she is eager to demonstrate how being environmentally conscious can be both trendy and impactful.

“I am on a mission to make the world a better place, one playdate at a time," said Kat.

Monique Ewen cargo bike mum with her two beautiful kids, aged one and three. (Photo courtesy: Monique Ewen)

Cargo Bike Mum Monique Ewen

Monique is a Sydney cargo bike mum with two kids, aged one and three. Extremely passionate about rolling back car-centric planning and developing people-friendly streets she says,

“I have joined Better Streets to be part of a positive movement for change. I’m here to listen to people’s concerns, find the common ground and weave together a story of our shared values so that we can work together to create better streets for everyone, especially our kids.”

Monique is grateful for the privilege of living near the Bourke Street cycleway where,

“people of all ages, shapes and sizes can enjoy quiet tree-lined streets on foot or by bike.

I wish everyone had access to urban spaces like that. But right now, so much of our public space is dominated by cars.”

Bicycle NSW looks forward to working with these inspiring ladies to continue to advocate for government commitment to significantly increase funding for infrastructure and, initiatives that create healthier, happier, and more sustainable communities!

Join the Better Streets coalition now, get involved in your local Bicycle User Group (BUG) and join Bicycle NSW in campaigning for safe bicycle infrastructure.

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