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Bicycle NSW is launching the Bike Promise 2021 campaign to help show the people standing for election how important bike riding issues are to the community.

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Sadly, we have seen that even when Transport for NSW funding is provided for safe cycling infrastructure, one Councillor or a few loud opponents in the community, can prevent it being built.  The challenge is that many elected Councillors don’t regularly hear from bike riders, or understand how much community support there is for safe cycling infrastructure.

This is unsurprising.  If your local government area has never had safe cycling infrastructure, most people won’t think to ask for it, but those who are fearful of change will oppose it.

Here’s how you can help, no matter who is standing for election in your LGA, or what political party they are from.

  1. Think of three things you would most like to see happen to improve your LGA for bike riding.
  2. Click this link.
  3. Fill out your name and email address and type into the LGA box the name of your Local Government area.
  4. The system has an automatically generated message to send BUT to ask for what you really want click the red ‘+’ button.
  5. Select and copy the text, replace the suggested message and then add your LGA and the three (or more) things you want for your area. 
  6. Click ‘send’ and your email will be sent to the candidates running in your area asking them to commit to delivering your three projects in order to win your vote. 
  7. Get as many friends or family members to do the same as you by sharing this article and tagging #BikePromise2021.

What if my Candidate is not visible on the platform?

Email us at: with the Candidate's name, Council and Ward and contact email. View the Candidate database here.

What if I want to vote for a candidate who hasn’t promised anything?

Once you have a promise from a candidate, share it with others or on social media. This will help focus the minds of anyone who hasn’t responded.

Does it matter that my friends have different riding priorities?

Not really.  The more voices speaking up for bike riding the better. A long list of desired projects can become part of a plan or bid for funding, and the more people speaking up, the less likely Councillors will vote to cancel or delay bike projects in future.

What if I get a great promise back from a candidate?

Share it and tag them and #BikePromise2021 on social media.

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