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Once again Independent Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich MP is speaking up to support safe cycling.

In the past Alex has called for a change to law enforcement related to bike racks fitted to cars, for amendments to road rules to keep riders safe.  He has asked questions in NSW Parliament about funding for bike infrastructure, and has long supported improvements to infrastructure and enforcement to keep riders safe.  

Young couple cycling home in a Sydney street

Principle Bike Network

Bicycle riders have been promised a coherent network of safe cycling infrastructure in Sydney for many years.  Unfortunately the plans and artists impressions have not translated into construction budgets and investment.  Indeed some within the government have withdrawn any commitment to the Principal Bike Network, and claim funding is in short supply in spite of Ministerial promises.  Alex has called for a strategic approach to the delivery of the Principal Bike Network, to provide the safe, coherent network promised to riders, that will help decongest Sydney.

For our members living in the rest of NSW, when MP’s like Alex stand up for bike riders, we encourage you to share with your MP and ask them to do the same for you.  Bike infrastructure should be a key focus in every electorate to improve public health, reduce congestion and pollution.

Rider safety

Bicycle NSW has consistently called for road safety education on minimum passing laws, and driver behaviours that endanger bike riders.  When the Centre for Road Safety promised to work with us on a campaign that fell through, we delivered Safety On Spokes last year.  

Fines data from the Office of State Revenue shows that only 169 infringement notices have been issued for drivers close passing bike riders since 2015, whilst 700-800 bike rider injuries are recorded from matched hospital data by Transport for NSW.  Alex has called on Minister Constance to meet with Bicycle NSW to work on improving rider safety.

This is vital for everyone in NSW, especially as we know more people are riding bikes.  Again we encourage you to share this with your MP, and ask them to write to the Minister seeking support for road safety education. 

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