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Bicycles provide mobility assistance to help more people travel further than they could by foot.

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30 Minute City 

Not many people can spare 90 minutes to walk 10km to work or school, but on a bicycle, the same journey can take around 30 minutes.  Bicycle riding can help all of us achieve the ‘30 minute city’ vision contained in the NSW Future Transport 2056 plan.

Bikes Help Overcome Movement Barriers

However, for many people, walking for even 1km is impossible.  Foot, knee and ankle injuries or disabilities, some cardiovascular conditions, arthritis, some spinal injuries or chronic conditions can make walking too painful or difficult.  For some bike riding solves or greatly reduces these problems.

As we have explained previously, it’s important that infrastructure does not disable the 18% of Australians with a disability.  With the growing popularity of e-bikes, it is likely even more people with mobility issues will find travel by bike can enhance their mobility.

Steps Disabling Riders

The Sydney Harbour Bridge stairs disable riders who depend on a bike for mobility assistance, as well as parents with child passengers.

“Bicycles can enhance accessibility and support the NSW Government’s Older Persons Transport and Mobility Plan,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“This won’t work properly when, to access active transport infrastructure, you need to climb stairs,” said Bastien.

We encourage members to share a selfie, tag us, Transport for NSW and North Sydney Council in and share the impact of steps on your ride.  Show us your bike, passengers, load and let us know the obstacle this presents.

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