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 NSW TrainLink has been the ‘flat tyre’ for bike riders trying to travel around NSW for years now. 

Bike on train

Current Issues With Bikes On Trains

Currently riders are required to disassemble their bike in order to load them in boxes for transport. Many bikes don’t even fit in the boxes including cargo, tandem, etc. 

The bike boxes also need to be booked ahead of time. Even then, there is no guarantee there will be space for the boxed bike to be carried. Accommodating other luggage, and the manual handling requirement that two staff carry the box, may mean the bike is unable to be carried on the service the passenger needs to travel on.

We have received complaints from many riders who would love to venture around NSW by bike and train, however have been stopped due to the trains capabilities. 

How Things Can Change

We recently wrote to The Hon. Andrew Constance MP to express our disappointment that our calls to discuss this matter have been ignored for years. 

“With the Country Link trains due to be replaced, it would be great to see the storage improved to enable bikes to be wheeled on and off the new trains,” commented Kim Lavender, Bicycle NSW Communications Manager. 

We look forward to Minister Constance’s response and hope we see more riders being able to use trains soon.

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