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Bicycle NSW has worked to help people in NSW #BikeThroughCorona but we understand there are still questions.

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Resources On COVID-19 For Bike Riders

We created a resource page to help people who ride a bike access up to date information about what’s happening in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, how this impacts bike riding, and what they can do to help themselves and others. 

 Current Government Information on COVID-19

Unfortunately there are questions we are not able to give clear answers to because the NSW State and Federal Government have not yet provided clear information, or because some things are contradictory.  We have also seen rapid changes in advice, rules and laws over the past two weeks.

Members are raising their concerns with us, and we are doing our best to provide answers, but there are some things we are also unclear about.  As we receive clarification, or the advice changes, we will update our website and produce relevant content for you.

We are changing our website so that each of the COVID-19 articles has the date in the title, because advice is changing so rapidly it can be difficult to keep up. 

“At Bicycle NSW we appreciate this is a stressful, confusing time for everyone,” said General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“We will do our best to keep our messages clear, relevant and focussed on taking care of riders,” said Bastien.

Bicycle NSW wishes everyone good health on or off the bike across NSW.

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