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Bike riders want to know where funding will be allocated to make their journeys better.

Budget Estimates

On Thursday, 25 February hundreds of detailed questions were asked during Budget Estimates, and provided on notice, covering many of the issues that are important to you.  It’s not every day we’d recommend reading the transcript from NSW Parliament, but we think you will enjoy this.

Questions Covered

Questions covered:

  • active transport infrastructure budget
  • calling for details of the allocation to active transport on specific State Government projects
  • budgets allocated to increase mode-shift to rail and active transport on a range of rail projects
  • details of the budgets allocated to bicycle plans across NSW.

The outcome of the tender for a flange filler solution for light rail tracks got a mention, as did the broken promise by the government to work with us on a safety campaign for bike riders.

Most Comprehensive List of Questions We've Ever Seen

This was the most comprehensive set of questions we have ever seen asked in Parliament on the issues that matter to bike riders.  These requests will help riders, councils, BUGs and the wider community understand what is being done to deliver on the government’s plans and policies.  The parliamentary process requires answers be provided within 21 days.

Bicycle NSW applauds these efforts to make it clear to bicycle riders what has been delivered, and what can be expected in future.  We know many BUGs and riders invest time and energy to contribute to plans or make their areas better, but without funding nothing can be delivered.

“We have shared a range of plans, promises, policies and problems with you, but the allocation of funding is how you find out what governments are committed to delivering,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“Bicycle NSW looks forward to the answers to these questions, so we can work out whether this budget is a gift to bike riders,” said Bastien.

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