Budget Submission 2019-20

14 November 2018

Budget Submission 2019-20

NSW has a collection of great bike plans, but without sufficient budget the investment in writing them is wasted. Participation keeps dropping, we lag behind other states and countries, road congestion keeps increasing and our health suffers through inactivity, pollution and road safety issues.

Bicycle NSW is calling on the NSW Government to commit to investing $264.7M in 2019–20 and $1.07B over four years in infrastructure, behaviour change, rail trails and safer roads for bike riders, because this benefits everyone.

Cars are making people sick in NSW, and as our population rises it gets worse.  Traffic congestion costs Australians $5B per year or $1,100 per person and inactivity costs $425M each year in health costs.

Bicycle NSW supports the Premier’s target for a 5% reduction in childhood obesity by 2025 but organised sport and healthier canteens aren’t enough. The human cost of inactivity is felt most by adults with long commutes and poor active transport infrastructure.

The good news is that just 30 minutes of walking or cycling transforms health, life expectancy and when everyone reaches this, it saves millions.

“Almost 60% of people in NSW want to ride their bike, but are too concerned to do so. When safe connected infrastructure gets built, it’s well used,” commented General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“Our Budget Submission calls on Government to raise spending from less than $5 per person each year to $34, so NSW can catch up with the rest of the world and benefit from bike riding,” said Bastien.

Check out our submission here.