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Bicycle NSW would like to work with local Cycling groups to get more people riding, raise the profile of bike riding in our communities and create a better environment for all bicycle riders.

We are pleased to offer affiliation as an incorporated Bicycle User Groups (BUG’s) for 2019/20

BUG’s contain local like-minded bike riders who get together for social riding in their area. These groups often run regular bike rides for their members, guests and members of the public for their enjoyment. Bicycle NSW assists these groups with their public rides, supports their members to advocate for better bike infrastructure and conditions in their Local Government Areas, and go on to represent their concerns at a State level.

Bicycle NSW also offer Ride Leader training to members to ensure comprehensively trained and approved leaders can deliver high quality, interesting and suitable rides for all participants. Bicycle NSW Ride Leaders who maintain an active membership are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance should anything occur on any rides they lead. Affiliated Incorporated BUGs are also protected by the Bicycle NSW Third Party Public Liability Insurances for their bike riding events, fundraising activities, workshops and other public interactions. Non-Incorporated groups are unable to be protected as a group by the PLI and are encouraged to have all members maintain a current Bicycle NSW membership to ensure all members are protected equally in the case of an incident.

Incorporated Bicycle User Groups (BUG’S) are a formally incorporated association where all office bearers are members of Bicycle NSW. Whilst it is recommended for all members of the BUG to take out their own Bicycle NSW membership (for their personal accident, third party public liability insurances and member benefits), it is not a compulsory requirement of the affiliation.

All Ride Leaders* must be Bicycle NSW trained and certified, be current members of Bicycle NSW and advertise their rides on the Bicycle NSW Rides Calendar.

Affiliated groups are not permitted to represent Bicycle NSW in the media without prior consultation.

* To be extended indemnity insurance when leading a ride, a Ride Leader must be assessed by a Bicycle NSW Master Ride Leader and be judged to satisfy the requirements of the Bicycle NSW Ride Leader course. Bicycle NSW encourages each BUG/group to have at least one Master Ride Leader so Ride Leader certification can be completed without the need to travel. Bicycle NSW runs Ride Leader courses in Sydney and are happy to support BUGs in organising a Ride Leader course in other locations.