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Eurobodalla BUG has proved important in helping its Members through the bushfires over summer and now COVID-19. 

EuroBUG on a ride

During lockdown when there were no group rides, Guy Brantingham, EuroBUG President, sent out weekly newsletters full of jokes to all members and to share stories and photos of members' rides, to help keep their spirits up. 

This helped maintain their enthusiasm and when restrictions eased there were 58 bike riders ready to go on the first ride.

EuroBUG has seen a big growth in numbers from around 35 prior to COVID-19 restrictions to a steady 50-60 on each ride now. They’ve also just celebrated 60 members owning an e-bike.

“Every type of rider can come ride with us.  Many have e-bikes to help them along on the longer rides. Our rides change every week and we have about 30 different rides in our area,” said Guy.

“On a Monday we have three different groups – Liz takes the slower group, I take the intermediate group and we have the faster group.”

“Then we have two rides on Wednesdays. One group gets about twenty riders and they call themselves the Cyclopaths. The other group is called the Flatliners who ride on the flat at a slow pace, it’s more of a social group.”  

“We were very much impacted by the bushfires and some of the forests still aren’t open. We’ve had to check roads to see if dangerous trees have been cleared or bridges rebuilt. A number of our rides have had to be modified to ensure the riders are safe,” commented Guy. 

You can find out more information about Eurobodalla Bicycle User Group here

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