Bummer – Bums out this Summer!

The 2017 National Cycling Participation Survey has indicated that just 12.5% of NSW residents ride a bike each week - the lowest in Australia. Bicycle NSW want to see bicycle riding become a mainstream activity for all - so we are calling you to get your bums out this summer!

What is Bummer?

'Bummer - Bums out this Summer' is our call to action. We want to see more people on their bikes, and we need YOU to hop on your wheels and be a part of this! The best way to get more people riding is by getting more people riding!

Bike riding in Sydney is lower than the national average, ultimately indicative of state wide trends. There are many reasons that contribute to the drop in cycling numbers, including

  • Increased fines for cycling offences
  • Lower confidence to cycle on congested roads. 
  • A lack of action taken toward breaches of the Minimum Passing Distance
  • Removal of key cycleways
  • Slow delivery of a connective bicycle network of cycleways and routes

We are continuing to work with government and other authoritative bodies on these issues, and we need YOUR help. By having more people out on their bicycles, these bodies are more likely to take action and deliver a better environment for cycling. 

How can you take part?

All you have to do is hop on your bikes and show us how much fun you are having! Below there are links which will allow you to learn more about Bummer, including the rides you can go on, our ambassador and our  competition! 

Our Hero image competition is all about having riders show us where they have been riding across the summer! All who enter the competition go into the draw to WIN an awesome prize pack - see the link below for more information. 

Are you insured if you fall off your bike?

A Bicycle NSW membership ensures you are covered every time you cycle on two wheels. So if you are distracted, lose control or the victim of someone else's misjudgement, you can rest easy knowing that you will be assisted on the road to recovery. 

Our global riding insurance costs as little as $2 per week. That's right - you are just one small gold coin per week away from enjoying comprehensive coverage when you cycle anywhere in the world. 

Are you insured if you fall off your bike? Join the Bicycle NSW community today.