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Beaches Link & Gore Hill Freeway EiS Submission

Bicycle NSW makes submissions on transport projects, laws, regulations and plans as part of advocating for what would make NSW better for bike riders and the community. Not Just Making Things Safer For Bike Riders We don’t just make demands on behalf of bike riders, because this hasn’t worked previously to achieve change.  In preparing

End of Trip Facilities During COVID-19

Many businesses were required by law under the COVID-19 public health measures to close their end of trip facilities across NSW, especially in multi-story buildings. This has left many people who commute by active transport, stranded. End of Trip Facilities Closed Building and strata managers were required to close their end of trip facilities. This

Food Delivery Compliance Begins This Weekend

This weekend the Joint Agency Taskforce – Food Delivery Rider Safety and SafeWork NSW are commencing compliance activity. A crucial part of making workplaces safer is evaluating whether real world practices conform with law and regulation.  In cases where they do not, investigators need to learn what has caused the problem, and require that it

Is Using A Phone Legal When Cycling?

We’ve had a few of our Members reach out lately saying they’ve seen an increase in the number of riders using their mobiles while cycling. NSW Law As a bike is classified as a vehicle in NSW, it is illegal to use most mobile device functions while riding, this includes video calling, texting, emailing, social

Time’s Up For Unsafe Road Users

We’re not the only ones tired of waiting for safer roads. NSW Police aren’t impressed with people throwing things at bike riders, or on-line trolls encouraging them.  In their words: Police are reminding the public it is an offence to throw an object from a moving vehicle. Police urge all road users to act in

Safer Roads For Bikes Are Overdue

NSW bike riders are tired of waiting for safer roads. Viral Video Endangering Riders Over the weekend a rider had a drink thrown at her whilst riding.  Luckily she didn’t crash, but she is concerned a post circulating on social media may have inspired a copy-cat. One of our team members commutes regularly around the

Support For Safer Road Rules

Alex Greenwich MP, Member for Sydney, has written to the government to support our calls to change rule 74 to improve road safety. What is rule Road Rule 74?  One of the recommendations Bicycle NSW made to the NSW Stay Safe Inquiry Into Reducing Trauma on Local Roads was to change Road Rule 74 to

The 4 D’s And Safer Roads

NSW Police and Crime Stoppers NSW, as part of the 4D’s road safety initiative, are asking road users to report drink, drug, dangerous and distracted driving. Addressing Car Driver Deaths The emphasis in promoting the campaign has been on addressing car driver deaths, with a focus on speeding.  However, Bicycle NSW has been assured that

CLOCS for Australia – Heavy Vehicle Standards

Overseas standards for construction and heavy vehicles are safer than Australia, and finally we may see improvements here. What is CLOCS?  Bicycle NSW focuses on heavy vehicle safety, because too many riders have been killed in crashes involving heavy vehicles.  We have explained the Construction Logistics and Community Safety Scheme (CLOCS) and the higher standards

Fallen branches obstructing road

A Christmas Clean-up

Normally a clean-up is a dreaded chore after Christmas, but we think you’ll share our excitement as we anticipate this one. Part of delivering on our ‘safe home’ policy pillar is ensuring that existing roads and infrastructure are fit for riding on.  Potholes, encroaching foliage, gravel, poor line-marking, unsafe grills can all contribute to crashes,