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Google maps encouraging rat runs

Google Maps Encouraging Rat Runs

Nicu Calcea, a data reporter at New Statesman Media Group, published a compelling piece for City Monitor, on How Google mapping is ruining your neighbourhood. ‘Rat-running… describes the practice of motorists using minor roads to avoid traffic, tolls and red lights, or to use shortcuts to reach their destination faster….In the US…researchers released a paper

2022 City of Melbourne e-scooter trial

Footpaths Not Suitable For E-Scooters

With the NSW e-scooter trials well under way, Patrick Hatch’s article in The Age concerning a pedestrian injured by a rider on a rental e-scooter in Melbourne, raises important issues regarding rights, responsibilities and the allocation of space on public roads. Julia Miller was walking on a footpath when she was struck by a person

Cato Group and NSWPF

Dodgy Driver Dismissal

A driver who decided to threaten bicycle riders on a cycleway in Sydney’s Inner West fell afoul of the law and his own employer- not bad work for a Friday afternoon. Photo: Incident Recorded on Cyclist’s Helmet Camera As a bicycle rider, all of you would have experienced the close pass. That casual decision by

30 Kilometres Per Hour Works

30 Kilometres Per Hour Works

Evidence is mounting in favour of lowering speed limits to 30 km/h in urban areas to make Aussie streets safer and happier places for children and adults to live and socialise. Everyone benefits when they can take a walk or ride in their neighbourhood. We, also all benefit from healthier, less stressful and more active

Red Cross/BNSW First Aid Course for BUGs

Red Cross and Bicycle NSW Partnership Underway

Recently and for the very first time under the NEW Red Cross/BNSW partnership, a First Aid Course was delivered for BUGs in Sydney! The Partnership was especially developed to support the BNSW Ride Leaders Course. First aid training is highly recommended for all our Ride Leaders and riders. “Bicycle NSW and BUG’s have collaborated with

Australian school girl preparing to ride to school

ASPA’s Three Transport Priorities

The Australasian Society for Physical Activity (ASPA) has recently unveiled a new campaign to make transport in general safer and active transport more viable around Australia. Partnering with We Ride Australia and other organisations, The Three Transport Priorities is aimed at the upcoming Federal Election. The three priorities (explained below) are also designed to boost

Group of riders at Her Cycling Connections

International Women’s Day Showcase

Happy Women’s Day!  Every year, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated across the world on March 8th. It is a day to celebrate women, their achievements, raise awareness about gender (in)equality and to support female-focused charities. Today, on IWD, Bicycle NSW would like to showcase one of our female role models: Charlene Bordley –  Bicycle

Bike riding and heart disease prevention

It may surprise you to learn that heart disease is Australia’s leading single cause of death. In 2017, 18,590 deaths were attributed to heart disease, which equates to one life every 28 minutes. About heart disease The heart is a hollow muscular organ, situated just behind the breast bone. It is about the size of

The Mailrun Charity Bike Ride

After two years of Covid-19 restrictions and cancelled events, bicycle riders can finally look forward to a year full of cycling events. One of these events is The Mailrun Charity Bike Ride which will take place in Singleton on Sunday 10 April. With 4 different distances to choose from, there is a ride for every

Oxford St and King St Cycleways Approved

Both the Oxford St Cycleway and the King St Cycleway were approved to go ahead at a City of Sydney council meeting on Monday the 21st February 2022. Artist’s impression of the Oxford St Cycleway. Source: City of Sydney Oxford Street is one of the busiest bike routes in the city, with more than 2,000