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More Problems and Fewer Resources for Councils

Most of the roads in NSW are controlled by Councils, but plans to accelerate development, whilst reducing their budgets, and pushing greater responsibility for road safety onto them, are bad news for bike riders. Council Resources  Many NSW Councils have lots of roads to maintain, demands to increase active transport infrastructure, and modest budgets to

Great News for the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains Cycle Safety Forum has been hard at work, and thanks to this BUG, bike riders can look forward to a better ride. Fixing the Great Western Highway for riders Bicycle NSW lent a hand, and the Blue Mountains Cycle Safety Forum (BMCSF) campaign has led to Transport for NSW (TfNSW) securing $2M

Making Gladesville Bridge Accessible For Riders

Hunters Hill Council have released the final report for their bike plan outlining some of the issues riders face in their area, including access to the Gladesville Bridge. Access Issue To The Gladesville Bridge  Currently the junction between Victoria Road and Burns Bay Road that leads to the Gladesville Bridge is indirect and confusing. It

Joint Taskforce: Food Delivery Rider Safety

The report has been handed down on food delivery rider safety, but we could ride a fleet of cargo bikes through the gaps. Campaigning For A Better Environment For more than eighteen months Bicycle NSW has pushed for improvements to food delivery rider safety.  This is because these bike based workers ride in the locations

Do Australian Helmet Standards Need Upgrading?

Given it’s mandatory to wear a helmet in NSW to ride a bike, shouldn’t standards be set to ensure the best technology is used in Australia? Traumatic Brain Injury Whether you’re anti or pro-helmet, keep reading, because the best alternative may not look like a helmet at all. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussion can

A Tale of Two Sydneys

On the same day the work of two Councils on safe cycling couldn’t have been more different. On Monday afternoon Bicycle NSW attended two very different meetings. North Sydney  At the first, residents and the Mayor of North Sydney Council spoke against plans for a cycleway ramp to enable more inclusive access for riders trying

parkun Helping People Get Active

Here at Bicycle NSW, we love parkrun! This is because it has encouraged thousands of people worldwide to be more physically active. About parkrun   Invented in the UK back in 2004, parkrun is a free, weekly, community 5km walk/run. It’s all about encouraging people to get out and be active no matter if you

Bikes Deliver Accessibility

Bicycles provide mobility assistance to help more people travel further than they could by foot. 30 Minute City  Not many people can spare 90 minutes to walk 10km to work or school, but on a bicycle, the same journey can take around 30 minutes.  Bicycle riding can help all of us achieve the ‘30 minute

Right of Way At Crossings

We brought you news of Alex Greenwich MP’s efforts to have rule 74 changed to make roads safer for bike riders, and now we have the response. What is rule 74?  The NSW Road Rule 74 does not provide for bicycle path users crossing a road to have the “right of way” over traffic in

We Need Safer Roads: Speak Up Now

It’s time to speak up in order to make our road environment safer! The 2026 Road Safety Action Plan is currently open for feedback and we need you to share how the road environment can be improved to make it safer for you.  We really need your feedback to ensure our roads do not remain