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Time’s Up For Unsafe Road Users

We’re not the only ones tired of waiting for safer roads. NSW Police aren’t impressed with people throwing things at bike riders, or on-line trolls encouraging them.  In their words: Police are reminding the public it is an offence to throw an object from a moving vehicle. Police urge all road users to act in

Safer Roads For Bikes Are Overdue

NSW bike riders are tired of waiting for safer roads. Viral Video Endangering Riders Over the weekend a rider had a drink thrown at her whilst riding.  Luckily she didn’t crash, but she is concerned a post circulating on social media may have inspired a copy-cat. One of our team members commutes regularly around the

Support For Safer Road Rules

Alex Greenwich MP, Member for Sydney, has written to the government to support our calls to change rule 74 to improve road safety. What is rule Road Rule 74?  One of the recommendations Bicycle NSW made to the NSW Stay Safe Inquiry Into Reducing Trauma on Local Roads was to change Road Rule 74 to

CLOCS for Australia – Heavy Vehicle Standards

Overseas standards for construction and heavy vehicles are safer than Australia, and finally we may see improvements here. What is CLOCS?  Bicycle NSW focuses on heavy vehicle safety, because too many riders have been killed in crashes involving heavy vehicles.  We have explained the Construction Logistics and Community Safety Scheme (CLOCS) and the higher standards

Northern Rivers Rail Trail Update

Work will begin next Monday (January 11) for the Northern Rivers Rail Trail. It’s an exciting step in developing more rail trails across NSW and being able to revitalise the local economies in these regional areas.  About the Project The local, Tweed Shire Council is planning a 24km rail rail along the disused Murwillumbah to

Fallen branches obstructing road

A Christmas Clean-up

Normally a clean-up is a dreaded chore after Christmas, but we think you’ll share our excitement as we anticipate this one. Part of delivering on our ‘safe home’ policy pillar is ensuring that existing roads and infrastructure are fit for riding on.  Potholes, encroaching foliage, gravel, poor line-marking, unsafe grills can all contribute to crashes,

Wrap Up Of 2020

What a year it has been! Certainly not the year most of us planned or hoped for. The last 10 months have highlighted the need for community support and space for physical activity. We have seen more people take up bike riding and more people using their bikes to explore their local area as well

Sydney Harbour Bridge Southern Cycleway Diversion

In early 2021 the Sydney Harbour Bridge southern cycleway will be diverted from Upper Fort Street due construction at Fort Street Public School. Diversion Information Over the next two years Fort Street Public School will be upgraded, and in order to protect cyclists a diversion has been put in place during these works. The cycleway

It’s Not Just About the MAMILs

Who should we really be building cycleways for? Nigel Withers, Bay Bug member, has produced an excellent video that highlights who we all need to be thinking of when planning safe, separated networks of bike infrastructure. This is what creating a cycling culture in NSW looks like and really is the ‘Build it for Everyone’

Fact Check: Bike Rider Registration and Licensing

A favourite catch-cry of the anti-bike lobby is that bicycle riders don’t deserve to be safe on the road because they don’t pay bike registration or have to be licensed. This argument was soundly refuted in 2011 by the RTA (predecessor of the RMS and Transport for NSW). They have made a range of sensible