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Congestion Makes Room For Active Transport

Even with COVID-19 keeping people at home more, 60% of fleet-running businesses believe congestion has increased in the last 12 months. The NRMA Business survey  The NRMA annually surveys fleet-running businesses on their experiences of Sydney traffic.  In their 2020 survey, it was found there were 3 main areas in Sydney causing congestion issues:  Sydney

Safe Home From Work For Food Delivery Riders

No matter how you travel for work, you should arrive home safely. Legislation to Regulate Food Delivery Bicycle NSW has written previously about food delivery, delivery bikes and efforts to improve safety. We have also supported the efforts of Daniel Mookhey MLC and NSW Labor to introduce legislation to better regulate the food delivery sector.

Stopping Distances For Cars, Motorbikes and Bikes

When we think about travelling on a motorbike or bicycle we usually focus on the destination, how far or fast we travel, and maybe the terrain.  But how often do you think about stopping? Number Of Road Users When road users make judgements about how to safely enter a lane of moving traffic, manoeuvre or

New Cycleways for Oxford, Liverpool and College Streets

Thousands of bike riders will benefit from the new cycleways being proposed along Oxford, Liverpool and College streets.  As one of the busiest cycling routes in NSW, City of Sydney and Transport for NSW wanted to create safer spaces for people to ride into and out of the CBD. Liverpool St and Elizabeth St cycleway

Same Road, Different Rules

One of the Bicycle NSW team members rides a bicycle and motorbike on the road, both of which have some different rules to car drivers. The Same For Everyone Many of the road rules are the same for everyone.  Red lights, stop signs, navigating roundabouts and obeying speed limits are all the same for motor

Indication Of Intent And Sudden Change

On the road we indicate intent, and depend on cooperation to change lane, turn and navigate a roundabout. Merging At A Roundabout Too often marked bike lanes vanish faster than an ice-block on a hot day, and riders need to merge into traffic to travel forwards, enter a roundabout or turn.  Sometimes cars and obstacles

Uphill Battle At Westconnex Rozelle Interchange

A member commenting on social media compared our efforts to improve the Westconnex Rozelle Interchange, to the labours of Sisyphys-  Greek mythology’s metaphor for a hopeless task. Constant Issues For Bikes Just when we think we’ve made progress in the uphill battle, another round of photos or batch of emails arrives. Bicycle NSW, together with

Hidden Approaches Disrupting Bike Progress

People opposed to bike riding have developed a new approach to disrupt progress, but we’re not dazzled by the gaslight. Objections For Safety Openly objecting to families and children having safe places to ride their bikes, separated from motor vehicles, is a bad look.  Instead people opposed to cycling infrastructure and pop-up cycleways in their

Increased Bike Score for City of Sydney

A recent audit of the City of Sydney has shown the improvement in bike infrastructure over the last year, mostly thanks to the pop-up cycleways.  These 6 new pop-ups helped boost CoS score from a 38 to 43 (out of 100) for bikeability. Bicycle Network Analysis The Bicycle Network Analysis (BNA) measures how well bike

How To Advocate For Bikes

People often ask us questions about how to get more bike infrastructure in their area. Unfortunately, it’s not a straightforward answer. Providing Feedback When Asked  One of the most important things you can do is support any plans by the council or government to build infrastructure in your area. They regularly call for community feedback on