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Newcastle Cycleways Movement Safety Vests for adults and kids

Building the Dream in Newcastle

Since its inception in 1977, the Newcastle Cycleways Movement has campaigned for improvements to bicycle facilities in the Greater Newcastle area. Infrastructure  They worked hard to design the Newcastle Cyclesafe Network in 2011, but have struggled to get the funding and government support to make it a reality, until recently.  Bicycle NSW has been delighted

young couple cycling in a Sydney Suburban street

Bike Rider Safety Questions

Once again Independent Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich MP is speaking up to support safe cycling. In the past Alex has called for a change to law enforcement related to bike racks fitted to cars, for amendments to road rules to keep riders safe.  He has asked questions in NSW Parliament about funding for bike

Graph depicting NSW residents interested in riding

Bike infrastructure myth-busting

We love busting myths about bike riding with data. You’ve all heard plenty of claims about bike riding that don’t ring true.  We thought we’d crunch the numbers on 3 common myths. 1. There’s no need for cycleways that separate bike riders from motor vehicle traffic. The latest national walking and cycling survey report found

Bike Riding Up By 9% in 2021

After years of declining bike riding participation numbers, 2021 has proven to be a year of change with an increase of 9% across Australia.   About The Survey The Cycling Participation Survey is a bi-annual report that shows cycling trends across Australia. In 2021, they added walking into the survey in order to gather more

20% New Riders In The City Of Sydney

The City of Sydney has released the results from their 2021 active transport survey with some exciting results for bike riders. New Infrastructure Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, the City of Sydney has opened a number of pop-up cycleways along with a new two-way cycleway along Saunders and Miller Streets in Pyrmont, completing a safe bike

Rethinking Paint to Increase Bike Riding

Bayside Council has recently opened new bike lanes connecting Rocky Point Road in Sans Souci to Dolls Point Beach. This comes just one year after elected councillors decided to reject excellent plans by council staff, and Transport for NSW funding for a pop-up cycleway in the same area. New Sans Souci Cycleway. Photo Credit: Bayside

Regional Cycling Safety

All too often bike infrastructure planning in NSW focuses on cities and urban riders, but rural and regional cycling needs attention too. Issues For Regional Bike Riders The roads connecting many homes and towns may be relatively narrow, have unsealed shoulders, no lighting, potholes, be regularly littered with fallen branches or other debris, have higher

Parramatta Creating Priority Crossings For Bikes

Alfred Street in Harris Park will soon be one of the first in NSW to provide bike priority crossings around roundabouts, if the proposed upgrade is approved. About The Project  Identified in Transport for NSW’s Principle Bicycle Network and in the endorsed City of Parramatta Bike Plan, Alfred Street is a priority cycling route for

Bicycle NSW Volunteer Board

The Board of Bicycle NSW is an essential part of the Governance structure of Bicycle NSW.  Just as a traditional Board represents the shareholders of an organisation, the Board of Bicycle NSW represents the members of Bicycle NSW.  Each year, elections are held to determine which Bicycle NSW members will fill the positions vacated by members

A Focus on Local Riding

Bicycle NSW’s newest team member, Sarah Bickford, is helping improve cycling through local government submissions. Most of the roads, parks and paths you need to travel on in NSW are controlled by local government.  Until recently our team lacked the resources to respond to the many plans and proposals put forward at this level, reducing