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The Rise of E-Bikes

In NSW, e-bikes are continuing to increase in popularity. E-bikes (short for electric bicycles) are bikes that have an inbuilt electric motor providing assistance to the rider in addition to the pedals.  Under the Australian Vehicle Standards, e-bikes can be ridden on the road if the motor does not provide more than 250 watts of

Ocean Pool Odyssey

On 7 February 2022, Linda Cash and two of her female friends will start an 1800 km charity ride in Eden (near the border with Victoria) and finish in Tweed Heads (near the Queensland border).  Sawtell Memorial Rock Pool, from the agirlandher_ebike Instagram page. The ride will be completed on electric bikes (e-bikes) and follow

Tour de Central Coast Success

After a 3 month delay due to COVID-19 restrictions, riders successfully finished the 2nd ever CCBUG (Central Coast Bicycle User Group) Tour de Central Coast on Sunday the 7th November 2021. What is the Tour de Central Coast? CCBUG started the event to encourage all bike riders to continue riding through the winter season, as

Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway Ramp Update

Last Monday, the NSW government revealed three potential designs for a new bike ramp on the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and is asking for feedback. Three potential designs for a new bike ramp on the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Despite being used by over two thousand cyclists a day,

International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day occurs every year on the 11th of December.  International Mountain day is about highlighting the value that mountains bring to human life. This includes the opportunities and dangers of infrastructure development on mountains, as well as supporting alliances that bring beneficial change to those that live on mountains. Here at Bicycle NSW

Pedalling together

Bicycle NSW is pleased to see so much political agreement on what is needed for riders. We have come a long way since the ‘bad-old-days’ of the College St Cycleway removal.  Bicycle NSW now enjoys a high level of strategic and political support for the work we do to ‘make NSW better for all bicycle

Vintage bike standing against brick wall

Oxford Street Cycleway

Objections to safe cycling infrastructure on Oxford Street ignore the history of roads. Bicycle NSW has prepared a submission  on the proposed Oxford Street Cycleway, and we look forward to its construction.  Unfortunately, a handful of people have voiced objections, claiming bike infrastructure could threaten the historic nature of parts of Oxford Street. Historic images

Ride to vote

Travel to your local polling place can become an opportunity at the Council elections this week, to show candidates how important bike riding is to you. A third of Australians don’t get enough exercise to stay healthy, and incorporating a 15 minute bike commute could alleviate this problem. What better way to try this out

Bike Promise 2021

Bicycle NSW is launching the Bike Promise 2021 campaign to help show the people standing for election how important bike riding issues are to the community. Sadly, we have seen that even when Transport for NSW funding is provided for safe cycling infrastructure, one Councillor or a few loud opponents in the community, can prevent