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COVID-19 Update For Bike Riders

The COVID-19 vaccine roll out has begun across NSW, however it’s still too soon to ease basic safety measures. Current Health Restrictions  Since the COVID-19 outbreak over the Christmas period, the NSW Government has slowly started to roll back restrictions.  Currently, all community sporting activities are allowed.  A COVID-19 Safety Plan is needed for any

Celebrating Happiness On A Bike During March

International Day of Happiness is coming up on March 20 and this year we’re celebrating for all of March! We love bike riding for so many reasons and we’d love to hear why you love riding too! Whether it’s the enjoyment of being out in the fresh air, the thrill on going downhill, spending time

Cycling In The Glenbrook Tunnel

Cycling in the Glenbrook Tunnel might be one step closer after the NSW Government and local council announced funding last week. About the Glenbrook Tunnel The 660 metre tunnel was constructed in 1891 to bypass the Lapstone Zig Zag and make it easier for trains to reach the Blue Mountains. It was closed in 1913,

Central Coast Fatality

Bicycle NSW wishes to convey its condolences to the family and friends of a male rider who died following a crash yesterday on the Pacific Highway at Cheero Point on the NSW Central Coast. Around 9:50am yesterday (Sunday 21 February 2021) the 59 year old man was riding with a group of cyclists along the

Beaches Link & Gore Hill Freeway EiS Submission

Bicycle NSW makes submissions on transport projects, laws, regulations and plans as part of advocating for what would make NSW better for bike riders and the community. Not Just Making Things Safer For Bike Riders We don’t just make demands on behalf of bike riders, because this hasn’t worked previously to achieve change.  In preparing

Planning For The Central West Cycling Trail

It’s been a little over 8 months since the Central West Cycling Trail (CWCT) has opened, and it’s thriving! Every week, bike riders from all over NSW venture out to the Central West to soak up the country air and experience the spectacular views. We’ve got some tips below to make sure your trip goes

End of Trip Facilities During COVID-19

Many businesses were required by law under the COVID-19 public health measures to close their end of trip facilities across NSW, especially in multi-story buildings. This has left many people who commute by active transport, stranded. End of Trip Facilities Closed Building and strata managers were required to close their end of trip facilities. This

Food Delivery Compliance Begins This Weekend

This weekend the Joint Agency Taskforce – Food Delivery Rider Safety and SafeWork NSW are commencing compliance activity. A crucial part of making workplaces safer is evaluating whether real world practices conform with law and regulation.  In cases where they do not, investigators need to learn what has caused the problem, and require that it

Cycling Progress in Wagga Wagga

Bicycle NSW has been looking forward to Wagga Wagga completing its network of bike infrastructure, so we were glad when Phil reached out with a local perspective. Never Owed A Car A lifetime bike rider who has never owned a car, Phil understood the implications of Wagga Wagga Council announcing they would be building a

Feeding Change For Bike Riders

Bicycle NSW has advocated openly, and behind the scenes, for safety improvements for food delivery riders. Their issues reflect our Members every day concerns. Unsafe Conditions All bike riders need safer infrastructure that reduces contact with motor vehicles and the risk of injuries.  But these workers are more likely to be riding at night, in