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Mountain Bike Riders Leading The Boom In Dungog

Mountain bike riders are hearing the calls of the Dungog Common and are showing up in droves. Located in the Upper Hunter, Dungog, a town of just 2,000 people, has been hard at work for many years transforming their town into a bike rider’s paradise. On the western edge of town sits the Dungog Common,

50 Year Vision for Sydney’s Open Space & Parklands

As one of Sydney’s most precious resources, green spaces are a vital part of our future for exercise, relaxation, rest and community building. In recent times with COVID-19 restrictions putting a halt to gyms and normal sporting activities, our local parks became an even more important part of our day to day lives.  45 per

Helping you maintain safe space

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we are all being asked to make changes to reduce transmission. The Transport Minister has urged people to avoid using public transport.  For many this is impossible, but if more people ride bikes and walk, this helps free up space and reduces infection risk for those who need to use

The Central West Cycle Trail is Open!

Last month, a group of volunteer bike riders celebrated finishing their task of riding and mapping out the Central West Cycle (CWC) Trail. The 400km CWC makes its way through the rolling landscape of woodlands and wheatlands of the Central West of NSW, the land of the indigenous Wiradjuri nation. Cornerstones of the trail include

Rides For You And The Kids

School holidays are almost here! With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting travel options this year, we’ve got 5 ideas to entertain your kids with a bike. 1. Go For a Ride Bike riding can be a great way to get some fresh air and help the kids expel some energy. With many communities struggling right now,

Supporting NSW By Bike

Over the long weekend, it was as if a mass evacuation order had been given for Sydney. Excitingly, many of these people fleeing the confines of Sydney were heading out to see what NSW had to offer for bike riders.  Our #RideTheBush campaign encouraged riders to support regional NSW through drought, then bushfires. Now, we

Barriers To Women Bike Riding

Across Australia, our cities aren’t coping with the level of traffic congestion and pressure on public transport.  Greater Sydney has 5 million residents but only 1% cycle to work, opening up a travel opportunity. A recent report by the City of Sydney and C40 Cities looked at how women moved around Sydney, to help them

Parramatta Park – The “People’s Loop”

Since May 18, Parramatta Park has created a section solely for pedestrians and bike riders.  Named “The People’s Loop”, it’s aimed at providing a space where COVID-19 physical distancing restrictions can be followed without also having to watch out for motor vehicles.  This project has been in discussion since 2015 as numbers within the park

Cycling and Bone Health

This article follows up on member feedback about the impact of cycling on bone health. Our original article on bike riding for the over 50’s could have been read as inferring that cycling can help address bone thinning.  When a member reached out with feedback, we were happy to correct this, as it’s not quite

Bike Riding For The Over 50s

Bike riding can open doors for everyone and the University of New South Wales are currently investigating this impact for over 50s. It will only take about 10 minutes to complete but it will help identify strategies to support cycling as a viable, safe and enjoyable mobility option for the over 50s age group.  The