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Joint Taskforce: Food Delivery Rider Safety

The report has been handed down on food delivery rider safety, but we could ride a fleet of cargo bikes through the gaps. Campaigning For A Better Environment For more than eighteen months Bicycle NSW has pushed for improvements to food delivery rider safety.  This is because these bike based workers ride in the locations

Food Delivery Compliance Begins This Weekend

This weekend the Joint Agency Taskforce – Food Delivery Rider Safety and SafeWork NSW are commencing compliance activity. A crucial part of making workplaces safer is evaluating whether real world practices conform with law and regulation.  In cases where they do not, investigators need to learn what has caused the problem, and require that it

Feeding Change For Bike Riders

Bicycle NSW has advocated openly, and behind the scenes, for safety improvements for food delivery riders. Their issues reflect our Members every day concerns. Unsafe Conditions All bike riders need safer infrastructure that reduces contact with motor vehicles and the risk of injuries.  But these workers are more likely to be riding at night, in

Safe Home From Work For Food Delivery Riders

No matter how you travel for work, you should arrive home safely. Legislation to Regulate Food Delivery Bicycle NSW has written previously about food delivery, delivery bikes and efforts to improve safety. We have also supported the efforts of Daniel Mookhey MLC and NSW Labor to introduce legislation to better regulate the food delivery sector.

Safer Food Delivery

Bicycle NSW is aware of the safety issues surrounding food delivery by bicycle, and we were pleased to see efforts made to improve them. Challenges Around Food Delivery Riders Bicycle NSW has written articles previously about the challenges presented to and by food delivery riders. Pay rates far below award, no sick leave or WorkCover

Delivery Bike Dilemma

Food delivery by bike is popular in NSW, offering a low-carbon, inexpensive service, that de-congests roads and gets food to hungry people.  However it is not without issues. Bicycle NSW has shared our road rules resources with food delivery companies, that explain laws specifically related to bike riding in pictures.  We have also encouraged our

Takeaway Food Delivery – Dinner on Demand

Can your takeaway food deivery change how cities are shaped? Some people might remember when ‘takeaway food delivery’ meant tepid pizza brought to your home by a teenager trying to earn extra income, often using the family car.  Since then the food delivery menu has expanded, and so has dinner on demand. Dinners on Demand