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The second or even the first family car – e-bike are way more fun for kids! (Source: Rascal Rides)

The Compelling Case for E-bike Subsidies

As cities worldwide set ambitious targets for reaching Net Zero, many are turning to electric vehicles (EVs) to help reduce emissions in time. There is a compelling case for e-bike subsidies. Evidence that cycling is ten times more important than EVs for decarbonising the network is riveting. In addition, investing in bicycle infrastructure is crucial

Australia remains a dumping ground for dirty cars (Image: Scott McNaughton)

Deadly Pollution Intensifies Call for Better Streets

New findings on tail pipe and tyre dust emissions have health experts extremely worried Exhaust fumes and tyre wear particles contribute significantly higher levels of air pollution than previously thought. Patrick Hatch’s article on The Hidden Road Toll points to studies showing that “rates of heart disease, lung cancer, stroke, diabetes, childhood asthma and early

A Better Street has space for people to linger and participate in community life. (Source: Better Streets)

Get Involved in the Better Streets Weekend

Bicycle NSW is excited to announce two Better Streets events happening this weekend in Wollongong and Sydney. These events bring together communities, advocacy groups, and politicians to promote safe and healthy streets that are accessible to everyone. A Better Street has space for people to linger and participate in community life. Traffic is slow and

Daily life on Australia’s arterial roads (Image: The Fifth Estate)

Cycling Our Way Out of Transport Poverty

Do you spend 10% or more of your disposable income on transport? Living in the country, with pot-holed roads and long-distance travel, or locked into a car finance scheme may find you spending in excess of 20%. Daily life on Australia’s arterial roads.  Terrible for all roads users but particularly for anyone walking or cycling.

Members of the Sydney Cycle Sisters group participating in Heart Foundation Gear Up Girl event in 2016

Connecting Cycling and Women’s Safety

Safety means safe from gender and traffic-based violence  In 2015, Parramatta-based bicycle entrepreneur, Charlene Bordley, saw the need for an inclusive women’s bicycle group and found a way to combine her passion for bike riding and women’s safety. Starting with a core group of 10 mothers at Hilltop Road Public School, with support from Bicycle

“My name is Alan and I have a wonderful life!” Zach Galifianakis with Stanley in "The Hangover Part III”

The Hangover of Motormonomania and The Cure

Motormonomania. Motor-mono-mania- Say it thrice and swallow. Motormonomania describes the madness that has conditioned us to accept the unacceptable when it comes to cars at the expense of everything else on the planet, planet included. “My name is Alan and I have a wonderful life!” Zach Galifianakis with Stanley in “The Hangover Part III” (Image:

Fabulous space for active transport on the Goods Line in Sydney

The First NSW Active Transport Strategy

As any bike rider knows, the best way to connect with Country is by walking and cycling on it.  We make around 1.5 billion walking and bike riding trips every year across NSW.  However, far more trips happen in private vehicles and the negative outcomes are very familiar – air pollution, congestion, poor health, inactivity,


Hundreds more trees lost to the Warringah Freeway Upgrade  Residents living close to the High Street interchange awoke to arbourgeddon in the week before Christmas. Like a bomb, hundreds of trees and countless animals and birds who depended upon them for habitat were destroyed overnight. For the locals, many in modest flats, the trees provided

A Better Street in inner Sydney has limited through traffic

Bring on Better Streets for New South Wales!

The name says it all. Everyone wants Better Streets – streets that are safer, healthier, quieter, leafier and more sustainable. A Better Street in inner Sydney has limited through traffic, low vehicle speeds and plenty of shade. It is a street where everyone feels safe to walk and cycle (Image: City of Sydney) Better Streets

Life fills Macleay Street, Potts Point, during City of Sydney’s Summer Streets events in February 2022 (Image: Adam Hollingworth)

How Can Our Streets Be Healthier?

How can we define a ‘healthy street’? One which is welcoming to everyone, young and old. A place that supports movement but also lingering, conversation and community connections.  There would be plenty of shade and places to sit.  It is easy to cross the road – at the places where people need to cross.  There