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CLOCS for Australia – Heavy Vehicle Standards

Overseas standards for construction and heavy vehicles are safer than Australia, and finally we may see improvements here. What is CLOCS?  Bicycle NSW focuses on heavy vehicle safety, because too many riders have been killed in crashes involving heavy vehicles.  We have explained the Construction Logistics and Community Safety Scheme (CLOCS) and the higher standards

Safer Examples Of Heavy Vehicles

At Bicycle NSW we love learning about people and companies making roads safer. When Crashes Happen Everyone wants to make it home safely, and the press is full of the stories of when things go wrong.  Whilst articles and statistics about safety failure can act as a warning, or highlight the need for legislative, vehicle

When Is Side Underrun Protection Needed?

Side under-run protection on heavy vehicles can save lives, but what is it, and when is it needed? What is side underrun protection? Bicycle NSW previously explained side underrun protection are the rails that are fitted to the side of heavy vehicles to prevent pedestrians and cyclists being pulled under the wheels of a truck if

What Makes Heavy Vehicles Safer?

Heavy vehicles transport goods, people and equipment, but operating them can present challenges when it comes to road safety. Difficulties For Heavy Vehicles Bicycle NSW recognises the job of heavy vehicle operators is made more difficult by the size and features of their vehicles.  Difficulties include:  blind-spots that make it impossible for a driver to

Safety On Spokes Campaign

  Over recent months, we’ve seen an increase in people riding bikes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. People turned to bikes as a way of avoiding crowds on public transport and needing to find a new way to exercise due to gyms being closed.   Pop-up cycleways and lower speed zones have reduced barriers

Bike Safety Messages On SUEZ Trucks

Our latest road safety campaign launched recently and the waste disposal trucks are now active. Have you seen them in your area yet? Working with SUEZ and NSW Police, Bicycle NSW launched this campaign to help create more awareness for bike rider safety. There are 2 SUEZ trucks wrapped with 4 different images. Each image

Safety Around Trucks

After reaching out to SUEZ over a year ago, Bicycle NSW was blown away by their level of commitment to safety.  SUEZ trucks such as these are fitted with reverse sensors, forward and rear facing camera systems, smart brake technology, drive cam, dead man operator controls, 175 engine hour services as per SUEZ standard operating

Help Change the Law

You can help make national heavy vehicle law safer for everyone. Part of our heavy vehicle campaign includes changing the law to help improve road safety.  The current Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) is up for review and you can help change it for the better. You have until Friday 31 May, 2019 to provide

Heavy Vehicles Looking After Their Community

Last week, Bicycle NSW launched our campaign calling for safer heavy vehicle standards as a direct result of the serious injuries and deaths that had occurred to vulnerable road users. We know that truck drivers do not want to harm or kill people, and over the coming weeks we will be highlight companies who have

Australians Deserve Safer Heavy Vehicles

Too many people are dying or being seriously injured in crashes involving heavy vehicles.  Heavy vehicles can be made safer for people walking and riding bikes, and you can help make this change. According to the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, 216 Australians died in 2017 from 196 fatal crashes involving heavy vehicles,