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Heavy vehicle passing bicycle rider

CLOCS-A Receives Funding

Bicycle NSW is pleased to share that the National Road Safety Partnership Program collaborative project Construction Logistics and Community Safety – Australia (CLOCS-A) will receive key funding through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s (NHVR) Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, supported by the Federal Government. We contribute to this work because it offers the best chance to

Heavy Vehicle Safety Progress

We are pleased to be able to share the positive progress that is being made on heavy vehicle safety. Heavy Vehicle Safety We have been campaigning hard on heavy vehicle safety issues, highlighting good practice and explaining what needs to change, and in doing so we have sought to get the United Kingdom’s CLOCS standards

We Need Safer Roads: Speak Up Now

It’s time to speak up in order to make our road environment safer! The 2026 Road Safety Action Plan is currently open for feedback and we need you to share how the road environment can be improved to make it safer for you.  We really need your feedback to ensure our roads do not remain

Speak Up For Safer Roads

The NSW Government is preparing a new road safety strategy, and we want to ensure your needs are included. Total Road Fatality  The 2012-2021 Road Safety Plan for NSW set a “..State Priority Target to reduce road fatalities by 30% by 2021 (from 2008–10 levels).”  So how did it perform? The total average fatality rate

Budget Questions For Bike Riders 2020-21

Bike riders want to know where funding will be allocated to make their journeys better. Budget Estimates On Thursday, 25 February hundreds of detailed questions were asked during Budget Estimates, and provided on notice, covering many of the issues that are important to you.  It’s not every day we’d recommend reading the transcript from NSW

CLOCS for Australia – Heavy Vehicle Standards

Overseas standards for construction and heavy vehicles are safer than Australia, and finally we may see improvements here. What is CLOCS?  Bicycle NSW focuses on heavy vehicle safety, because too many riders have been killed in crashes involving heavy vehicles.  We have explained the Construction Logistics and Community Safety Scheme (CLOCS) and the higher standards

Safer Examples Of Heavy Vehicles

At Bicycle NSW we love learning about people and companies making roads safer. When Crashes Happen Everyone wants to make it home safely, and the press is full of the stories of when things go wrong.  Whilst articles and statistics about safety failure can act as a warning, or highlight the need for legislative, vehicle

When Is Side Underrun Protection Needed?

Side under-run protection on heavy vehicles can save lives, but what is it, and when is it needed? What is side underrun protection? Bicycle NSW previously explained side underrun protection are the rails that are fitted to the side of heavy vehicles to prevent pedestrians and cyclists being pulled under the wheels of a truck if

What Makes Heavy Vehicles Safer?

Heavy vehicles transport goods, people and equipment, but operating them can present challenges when it comes to road safety. Difficulties For Heavy Vehicles Bicycle NSW recognises the job of heavy vehicle operators is made more difficult by the size and features of their vehicles.  Difficulties include:  blind-spots that make it impossible for a driver to

Safety On Spokes Campaign

  Over recent months, we’ve seen an increase in people riding bikes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. People turned to bikes as a way of avoiding crowds on public transport and needing to find a new way to exercise due to gyms being closed.   Pop-up cycleways and lower speed zones have reduced barriers