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We Need Safer Roads: Speak Up Now

It’s time to speak up in order to make our road environment safer! The 2026 Road Safety Action Plan is currently open for feedback and we need you to share how the road environment can be improved to make it safer for you.  We really need your feedback to ensure our roads do not remain

Budget Questions For Bike Riders 2020-21

Bike riders want to know where funding will be allocated to make their journeys better. Budget Estimates On Thursday, 25 February hundreds of detailed questions were asked during Budget Estimates, and provided on notice, covering many of the issues that are important to you.  It’s not every day we’d recommend reading the transcript from NSW

Safety On Spokes Campaign

  Over recent months, we’ve seen an increase in people riding bikes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. People turned to bikes as a way of avoiding crowds on public transport and needing to find a new way to exercise due to gyms being closed.   Pop-up cycleways and lower speed zones have reduced barriers

Parramatta Light Rail Update For Riders

We highlighted the broken connectivity of the Parramatta Light Rail cycling plan with flying bikes to make a point, but we didn’t stop there. Bicycle NSW is committed to safer light rail design and construction in Parramatta, than we saw in Newcastle or with the Sydney Light Rail.  We asked the local member, the Hon.

Parramatta Light Rail Opportunities

Bicycle NSW takes the safety of all bike riders seriously, and lessons learned in Newcastle and central Sydney need to be applied to light rail in Parramatta. You’ve seen in our content ‘how we roll’.  We invest in attending meetings, making submissions, developing resources and campaigning to improve infrastructure and safety standards.  We ask for

A Tender To Make Light Rail Safer For Bike Riders

Bicycle NSW worked hard to seek an engineered solution and advocate for safer light rail for bike riders. Transport for NSW Calling For A Tender We are pleased to share the Transport for NSW tender advertisement calling for submissions from people who design and manufacture solutions.  With light rail in Newcastle, Sydney and soon to

Until bikes fly

Your Safety Is No Joke – Parramatta Light Rail

Bicycle NSW takes your safety seriously, but for some our concerns appear to be a joke. We regularly share our submissions on state significant infrastructure, where we provide feedback and advice to Transport for NSW and its contractors to help improve the provision of safe infrastructure for bike riders.  This usually follows meetings and the

Congestion Brewing – Ban for Cyclists

Cyclists banned from light rail corridors Laws are changing to ban bicycle riding in light rail corridors.  Ultimately the failure to build a network of safe separated cycleways leaves everyone stuck. This ban for cyclists sees congestion brewing! The way the light rail was constructed in Newcastle made it impossible for people riding bikes to

Safer Light Rail Tracks For Riders

Bicycle NSW has been working on ways to make light rail tracks safer for people who ride bikes or use wheelchairs. Last March we wrote about crossing light rail tracks.  There are things road and light rail designers, and bike riders, could do to make crossing safer.  Unfortunately, in Newcastle at the intersection of Scott

Safer Light Rail Crossings

Since March 2019, Bicycle NSW has been working to try and make light rail crossings safer. Now, we need your help! This work has included researching and writing about the issue, working with the government advising and providing feedback on signage and infrastructure development.  For people riding bikes, using wheelchairs and prams crossing light rail