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Bicycle NSW 2024/25 Budget Review

Bicycle NSW 2024/25 Budget Review

Bicycle NSW CEO Peter McLean has dug into the detail of this year’s state budget to understand what is offered for bike riding. And the answer is…. not very much! “The NSW Budget for 2024/25 was handed down on 18th June with a key focus on affordable housing targeted to victims of domestic violence and


Bosch Smart System Review

Hiya! I’m the accounts girl at Bicycle NSW and thanks to Bosch eBike Systems and Omafiets I was lucky enough to road test a Riese and Muller Tinker 2 ebike with the Bosch Smart System. Ebikes just continue to get better and better! One of the key things driving this is the development of smart

Councillors For Active Transport

Dear Candidate, Congratulations for putting yourself forward as a candidate for the NSW Council Elections on 14th September. Bicycle NSW works tirelessly each and every day to create a better environment for all bike riders in NSW. Making it easier to walk and ride will address many of the issues that concern your residents. Active transport tackles


NSW Council Election Campaign 2024

There are 128 local government councils in NSW. Each council has 5-15 councillors, including a mayor, who serve for a four-year term. The NSW Electoral Commission will be conducting elections on Saturday, 14th September 2024 to elect councillors. Head here for more information about how local government elections work. Bicycle NSW would love our community of

Should we ban e-bikes in apartments?

Should We Ban E-Bikes in Apartments?

Stories of spectacular fires caused by lithium-ion batteries have sparked fears about the safety of these batteries and the gadgets they power. And of course, this includes e-bikes and other e-mobility devices. As our recent article Why is there an e-bike in my shower? highlighted, e-bikes are very popular with people living in apartments. Of

donated kids bikes on their way to schools in bushfire affected parts of Victoria

Revolve ReCYCLING: Rebuilding Bikes and Lives

How Revolve continues to evolve Revolve ReCYCLING has been diverting old bikes from landfill and giving them new life since 2021. The social enterprise has been successfully stimulating a market for redeployed bikes, providing people with high-quality, safe and affordable bicycles, creating jobs for people with disadvantaged backgrounds and encouraging biking and active transport. It’s

Three Roads to affordable housing and better transport

Three Roads to Affordable Housing and Better Transport

There’s a golden opportunity along three of Australia’s oldest roads  Parramatta Road is Australia’s ugliest, noisiest, dirtiest road. Half of the businesses along it are empty soot-caked shells. Its life has been sucked dry by 70 years of planning for cars. However, it’s also Australia’s first road with an amazing heritage, still visible under all

New lanes and an elevated bus viaduct

Warringah Freeway Fails People and Environment

People and environment not ‘in scope’ The gradual expansion of the Warringah Expressway over the last 70 years embodies the misguided mantra of generations of politicians: “Just one more lane will fix it.” The lower north shore is now bisected by one of the world’s widest urban road corridors. The Warringah Freeway stretches to an

Byron Shire fills rail trail’s missing link

Byron Shire Fills Rail Trail’s Missing Link

A new era dawns as Byron Bay joins the Northern Rivers Rail Trail In a landmark decision, Byron Shire Council has moved a step closer to realizing a long-anticipated rail trail project. This will lead to connected communities, promote outdoor recreation and unlock massive economic potential through eco-tourism. After four years investigating the feasibility of

small child standing in front of super sized ute

Supersizing Parking

for supersized cars is mad Let Standards Australia know that this is a really bad idea! Standards Australia is considering increasing the length of off-street car parking spaces from 5.4 m to 5.6 m to accommodate oversized vehicles. At first glance, this may seem relatively inoffensive. But enlarging parking spaces would be highly irresponsible on