BIKEast push to keep College St Cycleway

Thursday 4 December 2014

BIKEast today slammed the NSW government’s plan to tear up the segregated College Street cycleway, saying forcing bike riders on to this busy street to mix with motor traffic would put lives in danger.

According to recent plans the popular College Street cycleway is to be replaced by an inferior – and at times dangerous – alternative on Castlereagh Street, where the bike-only lane would only operate in peak hours. At other times, bike riders would have to share this busy road with cars, buses and trucks. Alarmingly, those riding north would have to negotiate oncoming traffic.

“Forcing bike riders to travel against the traffic on Castlereagh Street, or to mix with heavy traffic on College Street, is a recipe for disaster,” said BIKEast vice-president Jim Hope. “The government’s own research has found the rate of cycling injuries halved in areas where protected bike lanes had been built.

“Why, then, is the College Street separated cycleway to be ripped up, and replaced with the inferior Castlereagh Street alternative? How can the Government seriously be considering options that will increase the risk of injury – or even death for people using their bikes to access the CBD?” BIKEast president Mark Worthington called on the NSW government to retain the College Street cycleway, and to immediately start work on a fully separated and full-time cycleway along Castlereagh Street – as promised in the state government’s CBD Access Strategy.

“According to the City of Sydney Council, which built the College Street separated cycleway and supports its retention, more than 2,200 bike riders currently use it each day – just in the six peak hours,” said BIKEast president Mark Worthington. “Where does the NSW government expect these people to go?

“The government should keep the College Street cycleway and start building a fully separated Castlereagh Street cycleway as soon as possible.”

For more information or photographs, please contact BIKEast President Mark Worthington on 0412 013 262.

BIKEast is a Bicycle User Group affiliated with Bicycle NSW.


17 October 2014

Community Grants that generate social and/or environmental benefits = the bicycle

Here is a grant opportunity that could suit your local bicycle infrastructure or education objectives. Could anyone use $3,000 towards local engagement and activation of bicycle riding in their area? The Transurban Australian Community Grants are looking for projects that generate social and/or environmental benefits to communities that neighbor its road network in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We all know the bicycle does all that and more, so go forth and gather those grants!

From Transurban:

Following the successful launch of its Australian community grants program last year, Transurban has today opened a second round of grants focused on supporting the communities close to its roads.

The program will award grants of up to $3,000 for projects* that generate social and /or environmental benefits for the communities that neighbour its road networks in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Transurban Chief Executive Officer Scott Charlton said the program reinforced the company’s sustainability commitment to “be good neighbours” and would invest in the areas that mattered most to local communities.

“When we launched the program in November 2013, we focused on awarding grants to projects that related to transport and mobility, which are important topics for our business,” Mr Charlton said.

“This year we have changed our approach to support a diverse range of projects undertaken in close proximity to our operations. This gives us the opportunity to be involved with the many and varied organisations and initiatives that enrich our local communities.”

A second stream of the program will award research and innovation grants in line with Transurban’s commitment to investing in and developing innovative technology and materials for its roads.

The community grants program operates on a quarterly basis, providing organisations with a regular opportunity to receive funding.

Transurban undertakes a similar grants program in the USA to support a range of organisations that benefit the local environment and neighbourhoods. Last financial year these programs awarded more than US$150,000.

More information about the Australian program is available on the Transurban website:

Applications for funding close on 26 January 2015 and successful applicants will be notified in March 2015.

* To be eligible organisations must have Deductible Gift Recipient status. Applications will be assessed against the specified criteria.