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Four of the best routes in NSW

Four Best E-Bike Routes In NSW

Reducing carbon emissions is a vital part of ensuring the future of our planet.  We can help slow climate change by minimising our carbon footprint. This will improve public health and support the planet’s biodiversity. Transport makes a significant contribution to the carbon emissions being released into our atmosphere. By decarbonising our transport, we can

Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail

Bringing rail trails to NSW

There are over 100 rail trails in Australia but due to a legislative blockage, NSW trails are still in their pilot stages (most trails are under 1 km in length). Other states, without the bureaucratic red tape, have trails of up to 1000 kms in length and are reaping the rewards. “Due to a needless

Bike riding and heart disease prevention

It may surprise you to learn that heart disease is Australia’s leading single cause of death. In 2017, 18,590 deaths were attributed to heart disease, which equates to one life every 28 minutes. About heart disease The heart is a hollow muscular organ, situated just behind the breast bone. It is about the size of

The Mailrun Charity Bike Ride

After two years of Covid-19 restrictions and cancelled events, bicycle riders can finally look forward to a year full of cycling events. One of these events is The Mailrun Charity Bike Ride which will take place in Singleton on Sunday 10 April. With 4 different distances to choose from, there is a ride for every

Lake Macquarie-Newcastle Cycling Link Completed

Bicycle NSW is pleased to share the news about the completion of the shared pathway from Speers Point to Glendale (in the Lake Macquarie area). This shared pathway allows bike riders to safely ride from Eleebana to the University of Newcastle and beyond. Aerial view of the shared pathway beside Cockle Creek. Photo courtesy of

Oxford St and King St Cycleways Approved

Both the Oxford St Cycleway and the King St Cycleway were approved to go ahead at a City of Sydney council meeting on Monday the 21st February 2022. Artist’s impression of the Oxford St Cycleway. Source: City of Sydney Oxford Street is one of the busiest bike routes in the city, with more than 2,000

BUG Showcase: Sydney Spokes

Sydney will begin celebration of the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on the 18th of February. The festival has been held every year since 1978 and is the largest Pride event in Oceania. Its primary focus is on celebrating communities of people that identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex or queer. The festival’s

City of Ryde Green Links Seeking Feedback

The City of Ryde is currently seeking community input to create a Masterplan for three new active transport corridors, known as ‘Green Links’. Source: City of Ryde The Green Links will create new cycling connections, and extend existing ones, to complete critical missing links between: Macquarie Park to West Ryde/Meadowbank and onwards to Parramatta, Rhodes

Increased funding for NSW bicycle infrastructure

In November, Bicycle NSW had the chance to meet with Rob Stokes MP, the then-new Transport Minister for NSW. As a change of Minister can often bring new ideas, perspectives and priorities to their portfolio, Bicycle NSW took the opportunity to make a few key suggestions to the Minister. Among these were that the government

Cycle Against The Beast

On the 26th February 2022, Stephen Jones will depart from Cronulla on a 5,300 km cycling trip to raise money for research into Motor Neurone Disease.  From Stephen’s first trip: somewhere between South Gundagai and Wantabadgery Motor Neurone Disease – also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Lou Gehrig’s Disease – is a degenerative illness