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Beaches Link & Gore Hill Freeway EiS Submission

Bicycle NSW makes submissions on transport projects, laws, regulations and plans as part of advocating for what would make NSW better for bike riders and the community. Not Just Making Things Safer For Bike Riders We don’t just make demands on behalf of bike riders, because this hasn’t worked previously to achieve change.  In preparing

Cycling Progress in Wagga Wagga

Bicycle NSW has been looking forward to Wagga Wagga completing its network of bike infrastructure, so we were glad when Phil reached out with a local perspective. Never Owed A Car A lifetime bike rider who has never owned a car, Phil understood the implications of Wagga Wagga Council announcing they would be building a

Sydney Harbour Bridge Southern Cycleway Diversion

In early 2021 the Sydney Harbour Bridge southern cycleway will be diverted from Upper Fort Street due construction at Fort Street Public School. Diversion Information Over the next two years Fort Street Public School will be upgraded, and in order to protect cyclists a diversion has been put in place during these works. The cycleway

It’s Not Just About the MAMILs

Who should we really be building cycleways for? Nigel Withers, Bay Bug member, has produced an excellent video that highlights who we all need to be thinking of when planning safe, separated networks of bike infrastructure. This is what creating a cycling culture in NSW looks like and really is the ‘Build it for Everyone’

How To Improve Detour Signage For Cyclists

Nigel Withers, Bay Bug member has produced a video that shows challenges he’s faced with Council detours.  They can also be just as challenging on State Roads. He has compared what’s provided for car drivers v’s bike riders as a great illustration.  The Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management has everything they need, but if

New Cycleways for Oxford, Liverpool and College Streets

Thousands of bike riders will benefit from the new cycleways being proposed along Oxford, Liverpool and College streets.  As one of the busiest cycling routes in NSW, City of Sydney and Transport for NSW wanted to create safer spaces for people to ride into and out of the CBD. Liverpool St and Elizabeth St cycleway

Hidden Approaches Disrupting Bike Progress

People opposed to bike riding have developed a new approach to disrupt progress, but we’re not dazzled by the gaslight. Objections For Safety Openly objecting to families and children having safe places to ride their bikes, separated from motor vehicles, is a bad look.  Instead people opposed to cycling infrastructure and pop-up cycleways in their

Increased Bike Score for City of Sydney

A recent audit of the City of Sydney has shown the improvement in bike infrastructure over the last year, mostly thanks to the pop-up cycleways.  These 6 new pop-ups helped boost CoS score from a 38 to 43 (out of 100) for bikeability. Bicycle Network Analysis The Bicycle Network Analysis (BNA) measures how well bike

How To Advocate For Bikes

People often ask us questions about how to get more bike infrastructure in their area. Unfortunately, it’s not a straightforward answer. Providing Feedback When Asked  One of the most important things you can do is support any plans by the council or government to build infrastructure in your area. They regularly call for community feedback on

An Advocacy Update For Riders

We hear you. We collected together comments from our member survey and example comments on our advocacy with government include: “Unfortunately, the government is decidedly anti-bike.” “I would like to see greater advocacy for cyclists.  Your advocacy always seems very polite and doesn’t seem to be getting traction with government…” “keep up the pressure on