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Making Local Streets Safe For Bikes

Protected cycleways that separate bike riders from both vehicles and pedestrians are gold standard facilities. Great examples of these cycleways have been built over the last 15 years in NSW. Many local governments are planning more projects.  They are the best solution for busy roads with fast traffic. But it is very difficult to make

Do great places need parking?

Do Great Places Need Parking?

Not according to urban planning experts! Australian cities have an abundance of affordable, subsidised and often free homes – but only for cars.   Parking is a poor use of valuable public land in Australian cities. Most parking is free or heavily-subsidized. Planning codes have ensured that developments provide abundant parking ever since the private car

An artist’s impression of the restored bridge.

Two Decades of Pippita Advocacy

The Pippita Rail Trail will transform a forgotten rail corridor into a leafy pathway linking Lidcombe town centre with the Sydney Olympic Park.  It is an exciting active transport project for Western Sydney. It uses the abandoned Abattoir Branch rail line. For decades this railway transported livestock and workers to the abattoir works and brickworks

Nicolle and her daughter in Amersfoort

Travel to school: a Dutch experience

Nicolle Kuppens is an urban planner who lives on Sydney’s lower north shore and loves riding bikes. Two years ago, Nicolle and her young family moved back to Australia after a decade in the Netherlands. And she is really missing the ease of getting around by bike! When cycling is part of the fabric of

This photo is from late 2021 when 75% of the bulk earthworks had been completed.

Western Sydney’s new airport

Bicycle NSW recently made the trip to the site of Western Sydney International (WSI) to learn more about what is happening in the area. And very importantly – to understand if the multiple projects underway are delivering the very best outcomes for active transport. Visit the airport site on two wheels – a recommended day

Three Roads to affordable housing and better transport

Three Roads to Affordable Housing and Better Transport

There’s a golden opportunity along three of Australia’s oldest roads  Parramatta Road is Australia’s ugliest, noisiest, dirtiest road. Half of the businesses along it are empty soot-caked shells. Its life has been sucked dry by 70 years of planning for cars. However, it’s also Australia’s first road with an amazing heritage, still visible under all

A tangle of overpasses already blights the delicate urban fabric of Pyrmont.

Motorway Mangles Pyrmont

Bicycle NSW, City of Sydney and Walk Sydney urge the NSW Government to press ‘pause’ on plans to expand the capacity of the Western Distributor A tangle of overpasses already blights the delicate urban fabric of Pyrmont. The Western Distributor ‘improvements’ project will further expand the motorway capacity. (Image: Poyt on Flickr) Sydney has come

New lanes and an elevated bus viaduct

Warringah Freeway Fails People and Environment

People and environment not ‘in scope’ The gradual expansion of the Warringah Expressway over the last 70 years embodies the misguided mantra of generations of politicians: “Just one more lane will fix it.” The lower north shore is now bisected by one of the world’s widest urban road corridors. The Warringah Freeway stretches to an

Western Distributor

Strategic Modelling: Helpful or Harmful?

A transport model is a tool for assessing the likely impacts on travel demand caused by changes in the transport network, demographics or land use.Modelling uses mathematical relationships to represent the numerous complex decisions people make about travel to predict the future. But the models are extremely opaque and often criticised – particularly when used