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The Tern GSD slots into the shower cubicle

Why is there an e-bike in my shower?

The current news reports about battery fires in apartment blocks has got many people wondering. Why so many people are storing e-bikes inside their apartments?  Monique Ewen has some insights!  Monique is the Executive Officer of Better Streets and she is passionate about rolling back car-centric planning to create people-friendly streets. She founded the Sydney

Nicolle and her daughter in Amersfoort

Travel to school: a Dutch experience

Nicolle Kuppens is an urban planner who lives on Sydney’s lower north shore and loves riding bikes. Two years ago, Nicolle and her young family moved back to Australia after a decade in the Netherlands. And she is really missing the ease of getting around by bike! When cycling is part of the fabric of

Three Roads to affordable housing and better transport

Three Roads to Affordable Housing and Better Transport

There’s a golden opportunity along three of Australia’s oldest roads  Parramatta Road is Australia’s ugliest, noisiest, dirtiest road. Half of the businesses along it are empty soot-caked shells. Its life has been sucked dry by 70 years of planning for cars. However, it’s also Australia’s first road with an amazing heritage, still visible under all

A tangle of overpasses already blights the delicate urban fabric of Pyrmont.

Motorway Mangles Pyrmont

Bicycle NSW, City of Sydney and Walk Sydney urge the NSW Government to press ‘pause’ on plans to expand the capacity of the Western Distributor A tangle of overpasses already blights the delicate urban fabric of Pyrmont. The Western Distributor ‘improvements’ project will further expand the motorway capacity. (Image: Poyt on Flickr) Sydney has come

Western Distributor

Strategic Modelling: Helpful or Harmful?

A transport model is a tool for assessing the likely impacts on travel demand caused by changes in the transport network, demographics or land use.Modelling uses mathematical relationships to represent the numerous complex decisions people make about travel to predict the future. But the models are extremely opaque and often criticised – particularly when used

Bike riders navigate a devastated street in Japan after the 2011 tsunami (Image: National Post)

In Natural Disasters, Bikes Excel

It’s not widely advertised, but when petrol is scarce and the roads are out, bikes are gold. Bikes offer a simple yet powerful solution to navigate the chaos and disruption that often accompanies natural disasters. During catastrophes, traditional transportation networks and fuel supplies often get disrupted, rendering cars and public transport ineffective. In contrast, bicycles

small child standing in front of super sized ute

Supersizing Parking

for supersized cars is mad Let Standards Australia know that this is a really bad idea! Standards Australia is considering increasing the length of off-street car parking spaces from 5.4 m to 5.6 m to accommodate oversized vehicles. At first glance, this may seem relatively inoffensive. But enlarging parking spaces would be highly irresponsible on

Lug + Carrie Tern e-cargo bike, with a Zoomo e-bike and a heavy-duty custom-built trailer in the background

Parcelrun Glides Through Delivery Gridlock

Sydney’s e-cargo bike delivery trial has launched! And riders in bright yellow hoodies on e-cargo bikes are proving an important point. Namely, that for short distances (5km or less) micromobility outperforms larger trucks and vans in delivering lighter loads. In fact, in the first week, Ben from Parcelrun delivered 18 parcels in an hour! This

Cars travelling down the road in 40km zone

Inner West Plans 40 and Below

The Inner West Council has conducted a study to look at reducing the speed limits to 40km/h across its neighbourhoods. This is due to growing support – and compelling evidence – for even lower speeds, especially around schools and quiet streets. Read our feedback to the Inner West @ 40 study here. A 40km/h speed limit

Wollongong’s E-Scooter Trial is Serious Fun

Since the launch of the Wollongong trial on 26 September, Neuron’s orange e-scooters have been widely embraced. There have been 12,000 trips taken and 28,000 kilometres travelled in just one week! Wollongong City Council is supporting a 12-month trial. The Neuron e-scooters will be permitted to be hired and ridden by riders 16 years and over