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Bicycle NSW Uncovers Hidden Toll Rebate

Bicycle NSW Uncovers Hidden Toll Rebate

Did you know that if you carry your bicycles on a roof rack then you might as well be driving a truck?   This is because your vehicle dimensions then exceed a standard car.  And you’re almost certainly going to be classed as a heavy vehicle when you pass through one of Sydney’s tolling points. In

Bicycle NSW 2024/25 Budget Review

Bicycle NSW 2024/25 Budget Review

Bicycle NSW CEO Peter McLean has dug into the detail of this year’s state budget to understand what is offered for bike riding. And the answer is…. not very much! “The NSW Budget for 2024/25 was handed down on 18th June with a key focus on affordable housing targeted to victims of domestic violence and

Bikes for freedom, independence and connection

Bikes for Freedom, Independence and Connection

EveryBODY eBikes is a very special bike shop that is dedicated to inclusive cycling.  The family-owned business is run by Andrea and Richard Herklots. They are based in Lutwyche, Brisbane, but the EveryBODY eBikes team regularly tours Australia with its range of e-bikes and trikes that can be customised for people with diverse mobility needs. 


Active Travel Wins at Willoughby Public School

Bicycle NSW volunteer Nicolle Kuppens has found bike riding in Sydney a challenge after many years of everyday cycling in the Netherlands. In particular, she is disappointed that it is so difficult for her children to ride to school.   So Nicolle was delighted to learn that her local council, Willoughby on Sydney’s lower north shore,


Making Local Streets Safe For Bikes

Protected cycleways that separate bike riders from both vehicles and pedestrians are gold standard facilities. Great examples of these cycleways have been built over the last 15 years in NSW. Many local governments are planning more projects.  They are the best solution for busy roads with fast traffic. But it is very difficult to make

Bicycle helmet standards change

Bicycle Helmet Standards Change

But not just yet in New South Wales…. Just a few weeks ago, the Assistant Treasurer accepted the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) recommendation to adopt additional bicycle helmet standards in Australia.   This means that bicycle helmets meeting 6 Australian and overseas standards can be imported and sold in Australia. Australia’s new standards should allow a

Should we ban e-bikes in apartments?

Should We Ban E-Bikes in Apartments?

Stories of spectacular fires caused by lithium-ion batteries have sparked fears about the safety of these batteries and the gadgets they power. And of course, this includes e-bikes and other e-mobility devices. As our recent article Why is there an e-bike in my shower? highlighted, e-bikes are very popular with people living in apartments. Of

Do great places need parking?

Do Great Places Need Parking?

Not according to urban planning experts! Australian cities have an abundance of affordable, subsidised and often free homes – but only for cars.   Parking is a poor use of valuable public land in Australian cities. Most parking is free or heavily-subsidized. Planning codes have ensured that developments provide abundant parking ever since the private car

Active Transport for a Healthy Economy

Bike paths and pedestrian-friendly streets have much more to do with improving our economy than many people realise! Pitt Street in the Sydney’s CBD. Originally installed as part of the pop-up cycleways program in response to social distancing rules, the Pitt Street cycleway was made permanent in 2022. Two vehicle lanes were reallocated – one for

Police tape across NSW road

NSW Road Safety Forum Misses Vital Ingredient

Road trauma statistics have trended in the wrong direction over the last few years. 370 lives were lost in the last year in NSW, 100 more than in the previous 12 months.  This is a 37% increase. 62 people died in crashes in January and February 2024, up 29% on the 3-year average for the