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Rozelle Interchange Project

Next Steps For Rozelle

As the long-suffering residents of the Inner west are extremely aware, construction is well underway on the massive Rozelle Interchange project. The (mostly!) underground motorway junction will connect the M4-M5 Link tunnel with the Anzac Bridge, Iron Cove Bridge and the future Western Harbour Tunnel, bypassing the City West Link and Victoria Road. The construction

How cycle paths around Blackwatle Bay can be improved after the construction of Rozelle Interchange

Ride Our Potential

Bicycle NSW recently joined advocates from Bike Marrickville and the Inner West Bicycle Coalition (IWBC) for a special Sunday ride. We explored the untapped potential for the Inner West’s cycling network. The Inner West has waterways that could become bike flows, highways that could become bike byways, construction sites that could become parks, and coves

Uphill Battle At Westconnex Rozelle Interchange

A member commenting on social media compared our efforts to improve the Westconnex Rozelle Interchange, to the labours of Sisyphys-  Greek mythology’s metaphor for a hopeless task. Constant Issues For Bikes Just when we think we’ve made progress in the uphill battle, another round of photos or batch of emails arrives. Bicycle NSW, together with

Join the Resistance For A Better Rozelle Interchange

We felt A New Hope when the Premier and Transport Minister supported what bike riders need to play their part in making our transport system COVID-Safe.  But for many riders safe bike infrastructure still feels like something in a galaxy far, far away… Bicycle NSW has fought hard to make the Westconnex Rozelle Interchange project

Safety and the Westconnex Rozelle Interchange project

People forced to interact with the Westconnex Rozelle Interchange Project in Sydney could be forgiven for asking whether new and much reduced ‘safety standards’ now apply when it comes to bike riding. In the Beginning The high levels of bike riding in the area were acknowledged by project managers, especially along Lilyfield Road.  We were

Ride To Nowhere

When construction projects impact cycleway and road projects and traffic managers are responsible for ensuring people can cycle safely and complete their journeys.  Unfortunately the Westconnex project has been delivering a ride to nowhere at Rozelle.  This doesn’t meet the requirements of the guidelines, laws and regulations that govern the way projects should be run.

Bike riders coming up to traffic light in Rozelle

Rozelle Interchange Unsafe Bike Diversion

In spite of extensive advocacy and previous assurances, the construction of the Westconnex Rozelle Interchange will now involve an unsafe detour for bike riders. Rozelle Interchange Problem Bicycle NSW and the Inner West Bicycle Coalition have worked for many months to protect rider safety. This construction project impacts Lilyfield Road, the most heavily trafficked bike

Help Us Protect Lilyfield Road

Would you help us keep safe cycling through the Rozelle Interchange Project? We have explained the challenges and safety issues involved in current Westconnex development plans at the Rozelle interchange.  This includes removing two safe overpasses for people who walk and cycle for years during construction. What’s Happening At Rozelle Interchange? The current replacement plan

A Better Bike Detour For Rozelle

Changes for thousands of people who walk and ride bikes. The Westconnex Rozelle Interchange project proposes changing connections between the inner west and central Sydney. This is a complicated project and Bicycle NSW has devoted significant time to meetings, reviews and providing feedback.  The Lilyfield Road cycleway that runs through this area has one of