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Fact Check: Bike Rider Registration and Licensing

A favourite catch-cry of the anti-bike lobby is that bicycle riders don’t deserve to be safe on the road because they don’t pay bike registration or have to be licensed. This argument was soundly refuted in 2011 by the RTA (predecessor of the RMS and Transport for NSW). They have made a range of sensible

Right Of Way For Dual Bike Lanes

The NSW Road Rule 74 does not provide for bicycle path users crossing a road to have the “right of way” over traffic in the road, creating problems and confusion. Stay Safe Inquiry In August 2020 Bicycle NSW appeared before the NSW Stay Safe Inquiry Into Reducing Trauma on Local Roads and we recommended changes

Bike Riders – As Far Left As Practicable

NSW Road rule 129 requires everyone to drive as near as practicable to the far left side of the road, except motorbike riders. Stay Safe Inquiry In August 2020, Bicycle NSW appeared before the NSW Stay Safe Inquiry Into Reducing Trauma on Local Roads and we recommended changes to make roads safer for bike riders.

Stopping Distances For Cars, Motorbikes and Bikes

When we think about travelling on a motorbike or bicycle we usually focus on the destination, how far or fast we travel, and maybe the terrain.  But how often do you think about stopping? Number Of Road Users When road users make judgements about how to safely enter a lane of moving traffic, manoeuvre or

Same Road, Different Rules

One of the Bicycle NSW team members rides a bicycle and motorbike on the road, both of which have some different rules to car drivers. The Same For Everyone Many of the road rules are the same for everyone.  Red lights, stop signs, navigating roundabouts and obeying speed limits are all the same for motor

Indication Of Intent And Sudden Change

On the road we indicate intent, and depend on cooperation to change lane, turn and navigate a roundabout. Merging At A Roundabout Too often marked bike lanes vanish faster than an ice-block on a hot day, and riders need to merge into traffic to travel forwards, enter a roundabout or turn.  Sometimes cars and obstacles

How To Advocate For Bikes

People often ask us questions about how to get more bike infrastructure in their area. Unfortunately, it’s not a straightforward answer. Providing Feedback When Asked  One of the most important things you can do is support any plans by the council or government to build infrastructure in your area. They regularly call for community feedback on

Engaging Everyone With Safety On Spokes

A key objective of Safety on Spokes was to engage MPs from across NSW, because bike riders in every electorate need to be safe when they ride. Safety On Spokes Launch attendees:  Left to Right: Christopher Gulaptis MP • Bernard Carlon, Centre for Road Safety • Jenny Aitchison MP •  Jason Antony, Motorcycle Council of

Look Back For Bikes

Any rider who has ridden on the road knows the danger posed by the opening of a car door. Bike Lanes Bicycle Lanes are dictated by a sign with a bike and LANE underneath. If a road shoulder has a painted bike but no Bike Lane sign then bike riders are not compelled to use

Built Safe

Design and engineering in the road related environment can make a big difference to bike riders. Comparing guidelines, policies and law A significant part of our work involves reviewing plans for bike paths and roads.  To do this, Bicycle NSW compares what is proposed with the applicable guidelines, policies and laws. We know how challenging