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The problem with Local Traffic Committees

The Problem with Local Traffic Committees

And the fix Active transport advocates have long been frustrated by the slow machinations of traffic where even small changes to streets to improve conditions for walking and cycling face inexplicable red tape. Projects are delayed and cancelled while seeking compliance with documents drafted decades ago. Indeed, many street design standards are no longer appropriate

The weight we share

The Weight We Share

The massive cost of autobesity Lack of emissions standards and generous tax perks make Australia the dumping ground for bloated, inefficient vehicles Last year 76% of car sales comprised SUVs, utilities and light commercial vehicles – up 45% from the previous decade. According to Peter Mclean, Bicycle NSW CEO,  domestic car-bloat presents massive safety and

Police charge bike riders for existing

Police Charge Bike Riders For Existing

Whilst ignoring dangerous drivers Bicycle NSW previously wrote about the problem of perceived (or actual) police bias against bike riders. Despite meetings with senior leadership at NSW Police and some nice words, the problem has got worse.  In How to Make a Metre Matter Again we discussed aggressive driving, a wicked problem that is keeping

Enough is enough!

Enough is Enough!

Fund better streets now. Not in 320 years Dear Member of Parliament, The Collaroy tragedy is a reminder of the dire state of road safety and lack of decent infrastructure. Not only in your electorate but throughout NSW. When you reflect upon the terrible numbers, and the impact upon kids, our roads are worse than war

Blacktown’s good bones marred by bollards

Blacktown’s Good Bones Marred by Bollards

Dan Sobkowski is a young father who bikes for transport with his family in and around Blacktown. Dan’s observations on how difficult it can be to get around outside a car are compiled on his excellent Instagram account Copenhagenize Blacktown Bicycle NSW is delighted to meet a new ally for Better Streets and human-friendly infrastructure

Bollard Busters!

Bollard Busters!

Riding group takes out two useless bollards in Homebush Bicycle User Group (BUG) Bike North may have set the record for speedy bollard removal. And possibly alliteration! Because on a recent Botany Bay Bacon ride, Bike North Secretary Brian busted two bollards.  Just north of Parramatta Road at Homebush, there were U-shaped barriers on each

Road rage death 5 years on -

Road Rage Death 5 Years On…

…and Louise is still campaigning for safer streets Note: This story may upset and distress some readers Five years ago Louise lost her husband of 40 years in the most unnecessary and tragic of circumstances In 2018, Louise and David Brand were doing what they loved best, cycling with friends along the quiet Mount Darragh

Doctors call for Oxford Street renewal

Doctors Call for Oxford Street Renewal

Doctors for the Environment Australia demand a plan for Oxford Street that puts people first. Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) understand the vital link between a healthy environment and overall wellbeing. In order to emphasize their point and garner support, DEA have written a compelling letter to decision makers. DEA NSW, comprising doctors from

Ups and (mostly...) downs at the Warringah Freeway

Ups and (mostly) downs at Warringah Freeway

Bicycle NSW has worked closely with Bicycle User Group Bike North to try and achieve better outcomes for walking and cycling along the Warringah Freeway corridor.  Consultation on two key documents – the Place, Design and Landscape Plan and the Active Transport Network Review – recently closed.  Our submissions are here and here. Read on

Breathing life into Parramatta Road

Breathing Life into Parramatta Road

Parramatta Road is no longer a road. It’s a stroad! What’s a stroad? A stroad is best described by what it isn’t. Neither a street nor a road.  Roads convey people and goods from one place to another, and the primary goal is efficiency of movement. Streets are places to be – to live, to