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Riders enjoy the Gears + Beers ride in the picturesque countryside around Wagga.

Road Safety, Rail Trails and Regional Resilience

Despite the challenges of distance, heat and speeding traffic, regional NSW has some spectacular opportunities for bike riding. Riders enjoy the Gears + Beers ride in the picturesque countryside around Wagga. All routes lead to a craft beer festival. Gears + Beers is fast becoming a must do event for cyclists who like quality beer

Western Distributor proposal

Western Distributor Proposal Out of Step With 21st Century Planning

Bicycle NSW joins the City of Sydney and pedestrian advocacy group WalkSydney in objecting to the unexpected proposal to ‘upgrade’ the Western Distributor The project involves: constructing a new on-ramp from Fig Street to the Western Distributor increasing the number of traffic lanes on Allen Street from 3 to 4 lanes and removing parking removing

Uniform police cyclists and undercover police cyclist (photo: iStock)

Driver Engagement, Education and Enforcement Key to Cyclist Safety

In May 2018, after a two year trial, the Minimum Passing Distance became permanent law in NSW  which means, our most vulnerable road users are offered the protection of a buffer during passing.  Australian cycling organisations including Bicycle NSW unanimously called for all states to carry out enforcement campaigns. The aim is driver education and

Sydney Central Precinct model, viewed from the east, showing the buildings that will sit on the Over Station Deck and 3 new bridges crossing the rail corridor: at Cleveland St, Prince Alfred Park and Devonshire St (Source: Bicycle NSW photograph of model by City of Sydney)

Central Precinct May Not Roll Out the Red Carpet to Bikes!

Transport for NSW has recently exhibited ambitious plans to transform underutilised land north of Central Station into a mixed-use precinct anchored by a world-class transport interchange and new public spaces. The redevelopment of the area aligns with the City of Sydney’s long term strategic planning. The railway corridor from Central to Eveleigh has now been earmarked

A shared path located largely in the rail corridor was promised by NSW Government in 2015. The plans are now completely different! (Source: Sutherland Shire Council)

Calling for a Safe Path Linking Sutherland to Cronulla

Transport for NSW is progressing its plans for Stage 2 of the Sutherland to Cronulla Active Transport Link (SCATL) to be located on streets outside the rail corridor.  Bicycle NSW is very concerned that optimal routes continue to be overlooked.  The current ‘preferred alignment’ risks creating infrastructure that is dangerous and falls well short of

Visitors trialling e-scooters

NSW E-Scooter Trial Safety and Rules

Have you been thinking of getting in on some e-scooter action, but are unsure of the Do’s and Don’ts of all things e-scooting? Then maybe – take time to read over the rules and e-scooter rider etiquette of the current NSW e-scooter trials below. You might be grateful and it could also save you fines

The Good Bollard

The Good Bollard

We’ve written about bad bollards creating havoc on cycleways. You may have run into one. Generally, bollards are not prescribed for cycleways except to prevent traffic intrusion, and even then, there should be ample space to allow, for example, a double pram or mobility scooter through without obstruction. Bollards as traffic calming, however, such as

The Good Bollard

Pedestrians First…

….. cyclists second, public transport third, delivery vehicles fourth….. and private vehicles last. The Transport for NSW (TfNSW) Road User Space Allocation Policy sets out this hierarchy and aims to correct 70 years of urban design based on the motor vehicle.  Car-first thinking has resulted in congested, unsafe and uninviting streets and serious public health

Chicanery. (Photo courtesy of Werner Steyer)

No Way To Bollards!

Bicycle NSW member and Volunteer Advocate, Werner and friend happened to be on scene to provide assistance to another cyclist. The bicycle rider with a physical disability riding a recumbent bike was blocked by an s-bend of chicanes on a shared South Coast path. ‘The photo was taken some years back and used to highlight

Google maps encouraging rat runs

Google Maps Encouraging Rat Runs

Nicu Calcea, a data reporter at New Statesman Media Group, published a compelling piece for City Monitor, on How Google mapping is ruining your neighbourhood. ‘Rat-running… describes the practice of motorists using minor roads to avoid traffic, tolls and red lights, or to use shortcuts to reach their destination faster….In the US…researchers released a paper